Contractors: 5 Ways to Keep Website Content Fresh

The days of standing up a website and not touching it again for several years are long-gone. This is no longer a set-and-forget realm of business; it has evolved. Because of complex search engine algorithms, adding new content to your website on a regular basis is one of the elements to consistently having your website listed when a consumer

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Content Marketing: Resolve to Take Action

Health, finance and life are typical resolutions for our personal lives. We resolve to eat better, exercise more and spend less/save more. What about your business life? What will you resolve to do better in 2014? Let’s admit it. There are so many things in business that can’t be controlled. Prospects drag their feet in getting a project underway,

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9 Elements of a Good Blog Writer

Today, I’ll continue with more tips for selecting a great freelance blog writer. As I stated in that previously published article, there is much more to writing a blog article than churning out content. Here are some things a good blog writer will do with every article written for you: Makes sure 1-2 keywords/keyphrases are used in a natural

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Selecting a Great Freelance Blog Writer

With the explosion of content marketing, many in the construction industry are considering hiring a freelance blog writer to help them with content creation.  These contractors know the power behind online marketing and driving traffic to their website, and are wondering, “How much does hiring a blog writer cost?” You should run from a $50/article blog writer.  The truth

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Content Marketing: What Is It and Why It Works

Content marketing is a relatively new “buzz” term, and if you are having a difficult time  grasping exactly what it is and why it works, you aren’t alone. Even content marketing gurus differ in how to define content marketing, as seen here in this Vertical Measures free downloadable guide. To make it a bit more complicated, content marketing includes

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Eliminate 7 Website Roadblocks to Generate More Leads

In online marketing, your website should be your top priority for generating leads online, yet for many contractors and small businesses, their website may actually be hindering them from attracting new customers. Here are seven common website roadblocks I have seen recently in my website reviews that could potentially stop you from bringing in new business. 1. Music, flash

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