Writing Blog Content: What Do I Write About?

iStock_000015286795SmallContractors tell me all the time how they want to start a blog, but they simply don’t know what to write about.

And these same contractors recognize the value of a blog and understand that their blog is a living thing –it isn’t something you do once and it’s done. In order for a blog to be successful in building their expert status, forming long-term relationships with their readers and driving traffic back to their website (and ultimately their business), great content must be provided on a regular basis.

So what do you write about?

(FYI, anyone who incorporates a blog into their marketing strategy faces the “What to write about” question from time to time … so these tips are good for anyone, not just contractors.)

Here are some ideas for writing blog content:

  • Develop a list of your current products and services. From this list, you have an inventory of topics from which to write.
  • Do you specialize in something? If so, develop a list of ways your specialty-service can benefit your customers.
  • Are there projects that are more profitable than others? Those are probably the projects you want more work in … so make sure you create blog content around those projects.
  • Customers are a great resource of topic ideas. Do you get asked the same questions over and over again? Turn these questions into an article for your blog.
  • Prospects and customers love to see photos of projects you’ve completed. Use those photos and describe the project in your blog.
  • Another way to use photos in your blog is by categorizing them by project type. A great example is found here at Glenn Gingrich, Inc.’s website.
  • What are the trends and products in your industry? Showcase them on your blog by showing homeowners the BENEFITS they’ll receive by making these modifications to their homes.

Remember, consumers love fresh and relevant content, and your blog can become the go-to resources to for homeowners to get that information. Don’t miss an opportunity to build that connection with them by helping them understand the additional value you bring to the table – through your well written blog content.

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