My story

Here’s the truth: I fell into the construction industry.

It wasn’t a family business, like it is for so many of you. I simply needed a job to pay my way through college, and I got one with a fire sprinkler contractor in town.

I started out doing administrative duties – answering the phone, typing documents on the IBM computer the entire office shared and running blueprints in the warehouse (that’s a smell that sticks with you) – and it didn’t take long until I became fascinated with construction.

Thankfully, the owner saw my interest and taught me as much as I wanted to know. While still a full-time student, I was spending more time at the office learning how to bid jobs, pull together specs, and I even spent a summer retro-fitting a building.

At one point, I considered switching schools and changing my degree from English to Construction Management, but limited funds prevented me from doing so.

After graduating college, I certainly could have stayed with that contractor and had a nice career, but I needed to move away from home.


Becoming A Copywriter for the Construction and Remodelling Industry

However, I stayed in the building industry when I took a position with the Pennsylvania Builders Association. There, I spent over four years learning how legislation and regulations affect construction. During my time there, we discussed many interesting topics such as workforce development, a uniform construction code and storm water management, and I wrote countless white papers and grassroots campaigns.

That is when I saw how persuasive words can be, particularly when you tell a real-life story to illustrate your points.

After the PBA, I worked for a local home builders association. There, I was able to create added awareness for the association and the contributions members made to the community. This was also when I realized that I had a talent – helping contractors market their business. In 2007, I decided to merge my fascination for the construction industry with my gift as a writer and become a content marketer for contractors.

In 2014, my husband retired from the Army, and we moved from Pennsylvania to Tucson so he could pursue his second career. After earning his degree, in June 2017 we relocated to the Richmond, Virginia area.

When I am not writing, we enjoy exploring the beautiful trails and scenery of Richmond, and we are also active in the Thoroughbred racing world. I am just a tad bit fanatical about hockey, too!

What’s your story?

I haven’t met a contractor yet that doesn’t have dozens of stories to tell. Between their personal history and the projects they’ve completed, there are many marvelous stories inside of them to illustrate their craftsmanship, work ethic and the personal attention they give their customers.

I am passionate about helping my clients tell those stories. Telling real-life stories allows others to relate to you on a more personal level which creates a stronger connection.

This is why I write for and am so fascinated by the construction industry. Because of your stories.

My dream is to help more contractors tell those stories that create long-lasting connections – which ultimately make your business more profitable. 

Are you ready to start telling your stories?

Mary Anne Meade - Client of Tess Wittler - Copywriter for the Construction and Remodelling Industry

Mary Anne Meade

Prime 1 Builders
"Tess has been an amazing asset to our business in helping us with marketing our company better. She has an amazing talent of listening to what your needs are and helping you build [from there]."
Ginny Powell - Client of Tess Wittler - Copywriter for the Construction and Remodelling Industry

Ginny Powell

Product Marketing Specialist
Hager Companies
"Being in the door and hardware industry for 20 years, I can usually come up with a solution if a customer has an issue with a door opening. But when I had to turn one of those solutions into a case study for an industry publication, I called Tess. She walked me through the process of how to describe the specific set of circumstances from the viewpoints of the involved parties: end user, designer, distributor, door manufacturer and, of course, the hardware manufacturer. Tess then helped me convey the solution without sounding “selly”. It is a delicate balancing act that I would never have achieved without Tess’s help."
Jeff Forward - Client of Tess Wittler - Copywriter for the Construction and Remodelling Industry

Jef Forward

Forward Design Build
"I chose to work with Tess because she is a content marketing specialist who understands the home building and remodeling industry. We hired her to manage our blog, email newsletter and social media efforts – and we saw tangible results! For example, our leads in one month rose 28% - from 18 to 25 solid leads. Tess is knowledgeable, accommodating and a joy to work with."
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