Eliminate 7 Website Roadblocks to Generate More Leads

In online marketing, your website should be your top priority for generating leads online, yet for many contractors and small businesses, their website may actually be hindering them from attracting new customers. Here are seven common website roadblocks I have seen recently in my website reviews that could potentially stop you from bringing in new business. 1. Music, flash

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Tips for Improving Your Email Newsletter Open Rate

Are you wondering how you, as a contractor, can get your email newsletter opened and read by more of your subscribers? With all the “email” noise out there, it can be difficult. In fact according to MailChimp, the open rate for the construction industry is 36.5%. This can be disheartening to those who invest the time, energy and money

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Introducing 30+ Resources for Contractors

As a contractor, one of the best ways to improve your construction business is by learning from others. Many of us participate in building-related associations and/or groups so that we can network and engage with others in our profession. Learning from each other is, by far, the most effective and efficient way to improve any business – because you

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5 Ways to Generate Leads With Case Studies

When remodelers are looking for the “secret” to generating leads, one does exist – right under their noses. It inspires prospects, displays their fine craftsmanship and even spurs on sales. It’s called writing case studies (or project spotlights). Project spotlights are a remodeler’s “secret weapon” to showing potential customers the thoughtful design and detail put into every project. Behind every

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4 Reasons Why Remodelers Should Be Using Email Marketing

With a variety of new marketing methods available, many underestimate the power of email marketing – yet this is one approach that should still hold a firm seat at your marketing plan’s table. Many remodelers shy away from email marketing because they themselves get too many emails and feel that their customers won’t appreciate getting “one more email.” Sure,

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When Disaster Hits Home: How Contractors Can Help

Note from Tess: As I write this blog post, my community (a suburb of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) is one of the lucky ones that skated through Hurricane Sandy’s wrath without much damage. The storm’s eye passed just south of us overnight, and while there was a lot of howling wind and rain whipping, we remained safely tucked away in our

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