Don’t Make This Business Mistake

If you are looking for a reason to invest in your website, here it is … from a guru that should have known better. Codie Sanchez “is a reformed journalist, turned institutional investor to now a Managing Director and Partner at Entourage Effect Capital, a private equity firm focused specifically on investing in the legalized cannabis industry. Since its

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How Has Your Business Changed?

How much has your business changed in the last year? 18 months? Certainly, material prices, supply chain issues and the ever-present shortage of skilled labor have caused the building industry to adjust. The additional high demand from consumers who are eager to begin projects now has also caused you to change how you estimate and schedule work.   But

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What is SEO Copywriting? Tips for Custom Home Builders & Remodelers

If you’re a contractor, the benefits of developing a new website far outweigh the risks. Once you get everything up and running, it doesn’t take much tinkering to see results and post original content on a schedule.  The keyword here is original. Unless you provide potential customers with valuable information on a professional-looking website, you’ll have a far more

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My Website Was Hacked & Here’s What I Learned

My website was hacked … again and again, and over the last two weeks, I finally took steps to properly fix it. I’ve been dealing with website issues since the middle of March when I noticed that one day had particularly high traffic compared to the other days. The same thing happened in April. Each time I reached out

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3 Questions to Increase Newsletter Engagement

The biggest mistake that many businesses make is to think that sending a newsletter is enough. It should be a tactic in service of the strategy, which should be to increase engagement with customers. You can ask questions to make sure that your newsletter is equally valuable for you … and your readers. What’s the main goal of your newsletter?

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