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How to Create an Amazing Online Marketing Plan That Will Actually Get Noticed

Many contractors want to develop an online marketing plan that will result in creating an even stronger presence through content. While most understand that content marketing is a long-game and won’t provide instant results, they are taking steps today to develop a plan that will accomplish their #1 marketing goal down the road: Bring in new […]

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The New Marketing: Storytelling in Business

  As more voices compete in the crowded digital space, there are a few businesses who are stepping away from the “content machine” and reassessing their digital marketing approach. Instead of overwhelming their audience with more content, they are thoughtfully choosing to separate from the competition with the stories they tell. Storytelling is a different […]

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The Power of Consistent Marketing

I’d like to share with you a story about of the power of consistent marketing. There is a fairly new ministry near Seattle that has the mission of empowering homeless youth in with the tools for a better future. Every Monday, faithful volunteers set up in a parking lot and serve hot chocolate, hand out […]

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