Connect Your Online Marketing Dots for ROI


Connect the Marketing Dots


Are you frustrated with your online marketing efforts? Do you often wonder why is it that others have said that their social media efforts are paying off, yet you can’t seem to figure out HOW that’s possible? And most importantly, do you question when the heck are you actually going to see a return on investment – revenue – from all the time you are spending online?

You’re not alone.

There are many others just like you trying to find the ROI for their online marketing efforts.

There is one big mistake I see being made repeatedly. These folks are approaching their online marketing in a hodge-podge fashion. They are posting new blog content sporadically – when the mood strikes. They have a subscriber list but can’t remember the last time they actually added any new subscribers (the “Subscribe Now” button on their website is collecting dust), and they post a few pictures on Facebook when they happen to remember.

Sporadic marketing equals sporadic results.

Instead of wasting your time – doing a little of this and a little of that – hoping something sticks, why don’t you spend your time DEVELOPING a SYSTEM that will connect all of your online marketing together – so it works fluidly.

Here’s what I mean.

You have a blog and social media accounts so use these effectively to lead people back to your website. Once a person comes to your website, they see that you have a interesting-sounding consumers guide and they say, “Sure I want that” and provide you with their name and email address … which grows your subscriber list.

Now you have a subscriber list that is current – with new people, so you publish your newsletter on a regular basis and these folks get to know and like you … and over time, they begin to trust you as a company.

Then what happens? When they are ready to make home improvements our build a house, they contact YOU. Or if they aren’t thinking of a project but their buddy is, guess what? They refer their friend to you. They feel comfortable with their decision – not needing to shop around – because of all the good stuff you’ve posted online since they’ve been following you.

This is the cycle of lead generation, and it works.

It does take a bit of time and energy to get all of the elements of this system in place, but once you have the components of  your online marketing is connected, it becomes much easier to manage – and most importantly, the RIO you’ve been seeking isn’t elusive anymore.

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    1. Absolutely, Chris!. If you are struggling with seeing the ROI in your social media, you need to revisit your “game plan.” <-- and thanks for the inspiration for an upcoming blog article! 🙂

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