How Online Lead Generation Should Work



Earlier today I spoke to a contractor who knew that he was missing “something” with his online marketing efforts. He has a blog, has an email list and does social media from time to time, but none of it was generating the ROI he knew he should be getting. He was becoming very frustrated with “social media” and wondered if he was just wasting his time.

After talking with him, he realized that the “dots” of all of his online marketing efforts weren’t connected. This is why he wasn’t getting the results he expected. Once he saw how the “dots” should be connected, it all made sense.

 When you have your online marketing working together, the system becomes very fluid – driving traffic back to your website, which generates leads and builds stronger relationships. It becomes an easier cycle to manage, too.


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    1. Thanks for informing me, Tina. I recently updated my website design and need to manually revise most blog post links.

      Having said that, the last workshop I offered was Fall 2014. Unsure if I’ll offer it again, as the feedback I received from students told me they’d prefer an at-home study book, instead of a course.

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