Tess Wittler

Hi, I'm Tess Wittler, an SEO strategist and content marketing expert for the home building industry. I love helping custom home builders and design-build remodeling firms with their marketing efforts.

setting your intentions for the new year

Setting Your Intentions

Last Saturday, during a personal development book discussion, I was asked what my INTENTION was for 2024, and without hesitation, I said, “Community.” But before I get into my intention-word … I’ve been away from writing my email newsletter for a hot minute with good reason. To catch you up: For those of you who […]

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What is SEO Copywriting? Tips for Custom Home Builders & Remodelers

If you’re a contractor, the benefits of developing a new website far outweigh the risks. Once you get everything up and running, it doesn’t take much tinkering to see results and post original content on a schedule.  The keyword here is original. Unless you provide potential customers with valuable information on a professional-looking website, you’ll

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