How Contractors Find Blog Ideas


So you’ve decided to start a blog. Congratulations! You’ll soon know the power of providing great content and what that can do for your business – down the road.

Now the question is, “What the heck do I write about?”

Whether you are a new home builder or a remodeler, the idea of writing enough content to feed your blog on a consistent schedule (i.e. 2 – 3 days a week) can be overwhelming. Let’s face it, at first you are excited about writing content and using social media to drive traffic back to your blog and your website. But it only takes one week of putting out jobsite “fires” before your blog is stale and your excitement about writing articles go right out to the dumpster. (Believe me – it’s happened to me a few times, too.)

Where do you come up with content?

Here are three ideas contractors can use to come up with blog content.

1. The first thing you need to understand that your blog does not have to be focused only on one topic at all times. This really pigeon-holes your range of content – and also makes you feel like you have run out of topics after 10 post. For me, my specialties are feature-articles, newsletters and customer stories (aka case studies), yet you’ll often find me writing about general marketing topics, social media, or blogs.

For example, let’s say you are a remodeler and your niche is kitchen and bath remodeling, so you automatically assume that you can only talk about kitchens and baths. Not true. Think broader. Other topics can include new kinds of window treatments (can be tied to kitchen and bath, or not), trending paint colors, finance options or energy conservation. Or how about something completely different – like de-cluttering your closets, maintaining a work-life balance, or even recipe options for a weekend barbeque.

One of your primary goals with your blog should be to connect with your audience. Think of it this way: When you sit down with your customers during the sales process (and later in the design and build stages) you don’t always talk about back-splashs and granite countertops, do you? No! You talk about kids, and weekend plans and travel … many things. Within reason, you want your blog post to feel connected by a topic (like the kitchen), but from time to time it is okay to talk about a more broad topic, like sharing a recipe, too.

2. Another idea that has been successful for contractors is posting information about what’s going on in the community – a jazz festival or community walk to support a charity. Where’s the connection? You are remodeler who is part of the community. Perhaps someone on your team is a volunteer fire fighter and they are hosting a chicken barbeque, or maybe there is a small group from your company running the 5K. That’s the connection. Show people you are a part of their world.

3. Contractors can also use their blog to showcase company “news” – such as the awards you’ve won, when you host a customer appreciation picnic or are holding a decorating seminar. Build a series of blog posts around these topics. For example, your company recently won an award for Best Addition at your local home builders association. One blog post can be the “news” that you won. The next several blog posts can be the Before, During, and After stories (with photos) of the addition project.

The possibilities of where to find blog content are only limited to how much you are willing to brainstorm and think outside the box. Over time, your posts will help gain you a loyal following of readers, which will result in you staying “top of mind” so when they are ready to buy or refer, they remember you.

Tell me, where do you find content for your blog? Share your ideas below!

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3 thoughts on “How Contractors Find Blog Ideas”

  1. Great suggestions Tess! I find many look at blogging as a way to market, as opposed as a way to communicate ideas, information, solutions and company culture.

  2. I agree, Chris. If you are blogging with the motivation of pushing your products and services, you won’t be able to grow your readership. People are smart – and there is a lot of information out there – so they’ll quickly see your motivation is to market, not to share. People want good content, and they want it free. If your goal is to build strong relationships with your readers and be a “go to” resource for them, over time, you will be able to build your readership by serving them.

    As always, thanks for chiming in!

  3. I enjoy your tips. It’s hard to always have the creative juices flowing while and entertain the readers. I wanna write what I like, but that’s not good for business.

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