4 Reasons to Hire A Freelance Marketing Consultant

The biggest reason to hire a freelance marketing consultant is that you are working with somebody who knows your industry and how to market your business. It can be an investment that pays dividends for years to come. As a contractor, you have a hectic workload. You probably juggle multiple projects at a time, and on top of that,

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12 Powerful & Evergreen Storm-Related Contractor Blog Post Ideas

Here’s is a storm-related contractor blog post idea for you: pre-storm prep and post-storm cleanup. The winter weather has been in the news all week. From ski-able snow in downtown Seattle and brutally cold temperatures in the middle of the country to ice storms in the mid-Atlantic, there aren’t too many pockets of the country that haven’t been affected

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A key, Laziness & lost opportunity

When you take your eye off the goal, it often equates to lost opportunity. My husband and I finally found the key 🔑—THE KEY to a box that has literally been locked since June 2014 when we moved from Pennsylvania. This box contains our coin collection. Years ago – before we were married—Jason and I attended auctions with my

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JOTTINGS: Is the Answer More Content?

I’m going to talk about creating content. via GIPHY Stay with me … I promise, it will be worth it. Creating content can feel like laundry or dishes. It’s the chore that never ends, right? You create a video or blog post and then you need to create images, social media posts and distribute it out to your audience

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JOTTINGS: Thinking about the future

Before I launch into this week’s newsletter, I have a favor to ask. Can you give me some quick feedback on your marketing challenges and focus for 2021? Your answers will help me identify which topics I should write about in upcoming issues of the newsletter. I’d love your help. Would you mind answering these 3 questions? I promise it’s

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JOTTINGS: That One Thing

I have a question for you: With only 14 days left in the year, what’s the one thing you’ll do yet in 2020? What’s that one thing that you will … finally take care of so you don’t carry it over to the new year? complete to end 2020 on a high note? give up … and be okay

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