12 Powerful & Evergreen Storm-Related Contractor Blog Post Ideas


Here’s is a storm-related contractor blog post idea for you: pre-storm prep and post-storm cleanup.

The winter weather has been in the news all week. From ski-able snow in downtown Seattle and brutally cold temperatures in the middle of the country to ice storms in the mid-Atlantic, there aren’t too many pockets of the country that haven’t been affected by the extreme winter weather this past week.

And more is on the way.

I live in the Richmond, Virginia area, and last Saturday, we lost power at 12:30 p.m. We got it back on Sunday evening, at 6:30 p.m. That’s 30 hours without power, heat and running water.

As much as I dislike admitting it, we weren’t as prepared as we should have been. We’ve only lived in this neighborhood for a year, and for all our adult life, we’ve lived in suburbia. Yes, we’ve experienced several storms over the years, but it’s been since childhood for me and high school for my husband since we’ve lost power for more than 6-8 hours. Suburbia is nice like that.


As we helped a neighbor move a tree from his driveway, he informed us that losing power in this neighborhood typically happens 2-4 days a year – usually in the summer because of thunderstorms. The thing we love about living outside the beltway – rural with lots of trees – is also the thing that is going to cause us the inconvenience of losing power a few times a year.

While purchasing a generator has been on our list, it’s now moved way up in priority. We are shopping for one now knowing it will probably be months before it can be installed.

No matter what part of the country you are in, storms will affect your homeowners: wind, rain, snow, dust, monsoons … and more! Even seasoned homeowners like to be reminded of the basics of pre-storm prep and post-storm clean-up.

And this broad topic makes excellent content for any contractor’s blog.

Storm-Related Contractor Blog Post Ideas:

Cold weather

  • The different kinds of ice melt and what type of melt to use on asphalt, concrete and wood
  • Keeping your HVAC system running during a snow/ice storm (and make sure it’s clear of snow)
  • Preventing pipe bursts
  • How to spot damage to the exterior of your home

Thunderstorms, hurricanes and tropical storms

  • How to board up your home
  • How to spot damage to the exterior of your home
  • Prevent damage from water pooling near the foundation
  • What to do if your sump pump stops working (true story!)

Extreme Heat and Humidity

  • What can happen to your roof and the exterior during an extreme heat event
  • How to keep your AC running properly
  • What does too much moisture (or not enough humidity) do to the home, like wooden floors?
  • Ways to keep the interior of the home cool

How to use this content

As I mentioned, this content is evergreen – meaning once you write the articles, it will be content that stays relevant for years – only needing a quick, annual review.

If a storm is coming (or has passed, depending on the topic), share the article on social media, and create a special edition of your newsletter to help your readers. Think about it: If you have an article on the various types of ice melt, you could share this every single year. Trust me. People will welcome the reminders you provide, and in the process, you will keep your name in front of them as the trusted expert.

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2 thoughts on “12 Powerful & Evergreen Storm-Related Contractor Blog Post Ideas”

  1. Hi Tess,
    Thank you for these ideas. As you say, every homeowner will be interested in prepping for storms. Depending upon what part of the country you’re in, the events are different. Here in the Santa Cruz Mountains, we have some flooding in the winter and fire season, which starts earlier and lasts longer every year! Thank you for these ideas.
    Carol Stephen

    1. You have some great points, Carol. I recently saw in the news the storms that hit Minnesota. They produced powerful winds and hail, which can cause havoc on roofs. There’s always a home-related idea centered on the weather.

      Thanks for commenting, Carol!

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