Jottings: Drink Water. Drive On.

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Drink Water. Drive On.

This was the phrase that my husband, a SGT in the U.S. Army Infantry, used to say when he had to just push through the muck of whatever mission was before him. Actually, there was a much more “colorful” phrase that was used, but this gentler phrasing was adopted by our household.

  • As we are dealing with an ill family member, the husband got a call that he is needed in Georgia to help with a training mission that is going poorly … Drink Water and Drive On.
  • Taking care of the weekly yard work every summer from mid-July – end-of-September all by yourself because the husband is running Officer Candidate School (OCS) … Drink Water and Drive On.
  • Vacation cancelled because the husband is now needed in Germany for three weeks (and we were given approximately 36 hours notice) … Drink Water and Drive On.

Yes, all are true events that happened to us in our 16 years of military service together as a couple; he served 24 years total.

This phrase became one of our mottos over the years. When 💩 hit the fan and all you could do was push through, “Drink Water and Drive On.”

While I did a lot of “Drink Water and Drive On” in our Army years, now that he’s retired (6+ years), this motto has, thankfully, had less of a presence in our personal lives. But it’s been in my business head all year as I work at reframing my business. #changeit

Earlier this year, I also asked the question, “Is More Content the Answer?

This article resonated with so many of you because there is just so much content out there today. It’s overwhelming (and at times, frustrating).

As more content becomes available, it means there is so much more competition for attention than ever before. Churning out another blog article/webpage/social media post/newsletter for the sake of a quota is no longer a smart marketing strategy. When you create junk content you can expect junky results. Junk In. Junk Out.

In the last two weeks, I’ve been approached by two companies: an agency serving a segment of the home improvement industry and an independent general contractor. Both wanted a “blog writer” to churn out content. Both were offering miserable rates. I ranted (to myself) and then politely passed.

70% of all content marketers say they now prioritize content quality over quantity.

2018, Content Marketing Institute

Meanwhile, in my mind, I ask, “How does this keep happening? Why are so many in this industry so un-savvy about marketing ways and realistic budgets?” 🙄 [insert sigh] Drink Water. Drive On.

I don’t want to be another “blog writer” in a stable of content churners. I want to work with those in the home building, remodeling and home improvement industry who want help creating MEANINGFUL content.

Meaningful content that builds your foundation and creates stronger connections with your audience. Here are a few practical examples of what I mean:

✅SEO website content that represents your company’s online presence in an authentic way

✅Newsletters / email marketing / lead generation that helps you grow stronger connections with prospects and past customers

✅Project Stories / Customer Success Stories that helps your audience understand your process and the thoughtfulness and craftsmanship you give with each project you undertake.

None of those examples are about churning out more content for the sake of content. They all focus on creating meaningful content that builds connections. This approach is about generating valuable content, which leads to more knowledgeable and satisfied customers.

I’m committed to changing it and helping this industry rise above the content churn mentality, and at each step, I’ll drink water and drive on.

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