Overcome Blogging Obstacles: What to Write About




If you are a home builder, remodeler or specialty contractors who is considering blogging in your business, you probably have a few challenges to overcome before you reach blogging greatness. You understand the benefits to blogging, but yet there are still a few hang-ups that are preventing you from going all-in.

Blogging Obstacle: Not Sure What to Write About

Let me first note this: An entire full-day workshop could be held on this topic (and maybe someday I will do so), but for now, let me provide some easy-to-implement ways to figure out what the heck to write about.

Often, the reason why people can’t seem to think about topics is because when they sit down and write, their minds go blank (it happens to me, too). You might not have any ideas to write about because you don’t have any good sources of inspiration or ways to manage the ideas you do have. But there are ways to make blogging easier.

Think of blogging as holding a conversation with your homeowners.

You have come into their home and assessed their current situation, and now you are sitting around their kitchen table talking about home improvement options and answering any questions they have. That, my friends, is the source of ideas for your blog.

What questions do homeowners have when they interview you?  What questions are you answering repeatedly?

  • What financing options are available?
  • What’s the process to finding out if a lot “perks” or not?
  • If they are refinancing their home, how do they know if their assessment is a good one – or if they got hosed?
  • How long does a new home build take?
  • Can you excavate in the winter, and if so, what are the dangers in pouring concrete in the cold?
  • How much does it cost to finish a basement?
  • I want to give my kitchen a face-lift. Can you tell me about refacing cabinets?
  • What are the benefits of geo-thermal heating?

The list goes on and on of items that you can write about. You simply need to make the time to write down the 20 or 30 or 40 (or more) questions that homeowners ask (or should be asking), store them in an organized fashion and then write about them.

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3 thoughts on “Overcome Blogging Obstacles: What to Write About”

  1. I definitely agree on the question based approach! One of the core things about being in business is that people have questions and you provide solutions. This is an endless fountain of blogging ideas (and other content as well). I hope more business owners come to understand this more.

    Thanks for your post!

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