Blog Ideas for Contractors
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One of the hardest parts about blogging regularly is coming up with ideas. It doesn’t matter if you are a contractor, a freelance copywriter or a social media director for a large corporation, sometimes the inspiration for blog ideas simply don’t flow.

Earlier this morning I ran across a few blog ideas that I thought would be perfect for contractors, I thought I’d share them with you (with my own take on how to apply them, of course!).

  • A Day In The Life – A “day in the life” post should be fairly easy to write because you live it. Why not share it with your audience? Not only will you be taking a little bit of the mystery away with homeowners wondering why hiring a contractor “costs so much” (their words, not mine), but you will also be showing a bit of the personal side of your life, too. Both will help you connect with your readers.
  • Behind the Scenes – Give your readers a “behind the scenes” look at a job site. Picture it as your version of “This Old House.” I caution you, though, that you want to spin the nasty demolition of a job site in a positive light – so not to frighten homeowners away. Instead of showing only the demolition photos, take time to describe what was found during demotion. Show the homeowner how because of your professional team, you were able to avoid a costly headache that many DIYs would have overlooked.
  • Home Tips – What homeowner doesn’t love home tips? Many remodelers publish seasonal home times in their newsletter (Ex: change the cold and hot air returns throughout the house, remove hoses and turn off water leading outside so the pipes don’t burst), but have you ever thought to be a bit more creative? How about “10 Ways To Use Duct Tape,” “10 Uses for Vodka Around the House,” or “The Best Time To Shop for Large Home Purchases.” (By the way, all three topics were in a recently published magazine I glanced through).

Remember, blog posts (along with newsletter articles) aren’t about you. They are about what the reader (your homeowner) is interested in. Keep in mind that blog posts don’t have to be long – so don’t overthink them. Just pick a topic and write a few words about it and have fun!

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