What Is Content Marketing?



While the term, “content marketing” is used quite regularly, there is still much question about “What is content marketing?”

Basically, it is any marketing that involves the creating, sharing and publishing of content for the purposes of attracting and retaining customers. In short, content marketing uses information to advertise the business.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing comes in a variety of forms, such as:

  • blog articles
  • email marketing
  • infographics
  • website content
  • photographs
  • Facebook posts, Twitter tweets and Instagram images
  • Houzz projects
  • newsletters
  • 3-D drawings
  • webinars
  • podcasts
  • videos
  • Slideshare
  • consumer guides and checklists

How content marketing works

Content marketing works much differently than traditional marketing because the focus isn’t on selling your products and services. Instead,  it is on your customers’ needs.

This can take various forms from sharing a resource, providing inspiration or starting a conversation, but the bottom line is that content marketing works because it is not self-promotional.

If you base your content on being self-promotional, you will not attract too many folks. An example of this is writing blog articles that sound like sales pitches. Instead, if you keep your content helpful, timely and inspirational, others will be attracted to this and continue to keep you as a resource.

Examples of good blog topics:

  • 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal (helpful resource)
  • Project Spotlight: New Mudroom Keeps Active Family’s Entrance Clutter-Free (inspirational article with ideas and photos)
  • How to Determine Hail Damage from the Weekend’s Storms (email sent to subscribers days after powerful storms hit the area – timely)


When you write blog articles and use the principles of content marketing as the cornerstone of your overall marketing strategy, it can lead to wonderful things:

  • Establish your credibility, trust and authority in your industry
  • Overcome resistance or address objections
  • Attract new customers
  • Build stronger, long-lasting relationships with past customers
  • Educate buyers about the purchases they are considering
  • Give you a platform to tell your stories (and what contractors doesn’t have dozens of stories to share?)
  • Create buzz via social media
  • Build a base of fans and inspired customers who love you – and want to share how awesome you are with others
  • Inspire people to get “off the fence” and finally move forward on a project (aka buy)

Content marketing works, and if you aren’t currently integrating content into your overall marketing strategy, now’s the time. If you need help, contact me.

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