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Builders and remodelers who’ve worked with me can attest to the fact that I am a big proponent for repurposing content. My motto is to create the content once and figure out how to use it over and over and over again. Hell, you’ve paid for it! Let’s find ways to get your compelling content “out there” working for your business.

The first step to repurposing content is to list all the ways you communicate with people (Notice, I said people and not customers or prospects. Part of being successful in content marketing is also creating advocates for your business – and these are people who may never purchase from you but will talk you up!)

The following are content marketing strategies contractors can use to communicate with people:

  • Blogs
  • Print Newsletters
  • Email Newsletters
  • Social Media Communities – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Videos
  • Direct Mail – everything from postcards to letters to bulky-mailers
  • Case Studies
  • Articles
  • Brochures and other print marketing collateral
  • Website
  • Webinars
  • On-site seminars
  • Home Shows
  • Guest blogging and writing guest columns for publications
  • Special Reports

This, by no means, is a complete list, but it gives you an idea of just how many options there are to repurpose your content. Once you’ve created (or had written for you) some really good content, you need to ask “Where else could I use this?”

One of my clients is a new home building/remodeling company based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They have been building new homes in the region for nearly 50 years, and a little over a year ago, they hired me to work with their remodeling division to tap into their customer base and build stronger relationships with them. Their thought (and wisely, I might add), is that even new homeowners will want to remodel their home once they’ve been in it for a few years. Their goal is to be that “go to” remodeling company. It makes sense. The homeowners have trusted them once to build their house; why wouldn’t they also trust them to renovate it?

One popular section of their newsletter was a series of eight articles called “From Concept to Completion.” It highlighted the eight steps their company takes to ensure a stress-free and successful remodeling project. Once that series was published in their newsletter, they didn’t stick it on the shelf and say, “Well, wasn’t that a nice run.” No! With just a little bit of rewriting and tweaking of the content, we came up with a great special report that they now give away for FREE as part of their lead generating program. I am now doing the same for their custom design homes division.

You should always ask, “Where else can I use this content?” And then do it!

Do you repurpose your content? If so, what are some examples you can share (I’d love to hear them!)?


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