Are you ready to start a newsletter to market your business?

Do you have a newsletter that is only sporadically sent because it is too time-consuming to write content?

Do you struggle with what type of newsletter is the right fit for your business? A print or email newsletter?

I can help contractors like you!

Newsletters are an integral part of maintaining relationships with past customers and current prospects, and when done properly – in a non-threatening, non-sales-like fashion – newsletters can also build credibility for you and your business over the long term.

But newsletters do take time and energy to complete. Just when you get the content of one newsletter done, it is already a week past deadline to start the next one, right? And although builders, remodelers and other contractors always start their newsletter program with good intentions, they often fizzle out because there just isn’t enough time to get it done.

What if I told you that your monthly newsletter could be completed with just an hour or so of your time? Seriously. It can happen.

My Newsletter Development Process

Research: The process begins by getting to know your business and the goals you have for your newsletter. This is also when we assess which format makes sense – a print newsletter or an e-newsletter.

From there, we develop an Issue Planning Form for your newsletter. This is an important step for success! This is where we outline the heart of your newsletter and figure out what recurring sections to incorporate into your newsletter. Do you want to feature a vendor each issue? What about shining a spotlight on one of your remodel projects? Do you want to offer a newsletter-only special? (You should, by the way.) How about giving tips that homeowners can carry out themselves?

Creation: For each issue, I will contact you to set up a time to discuss your upcoming newsletter’s content. During the scheduled phone call, we’ll go over your Issue Planning Form and developing topics to cover. Often times, you can tell me right then and there some key points for the articles we have in mind, and with my knowledge of the building industry, I can offer feedback and other options as well.  Usually that’s it. After our 30-minute (or less) phone conversation, I have the information I need to start to create your newsletter. Sometimes you have “homework” – like emailing me “that list” you have or some photos for your project spotlight – but in many cases, it only takes that one phone call to create your newsletter content.

I go to work and write your newsletter. When I am done, I email it to you for review, and together, we make any necessary changes. It really is that easy!

Launch: Once the newsletter is written, some contractors work with their ad agency or another designer to slip the content into their newsletters. Others rely on me for this step, too. Either way is fine, as long as your newsletter gets out there and starts solidifying your relationships with your past customers and current prospects … and ultimately, starts generating interest.

What’s the cost?

Since every contractor will have a different vision for their newsletter, my pricing is customized to your specific goals, the overall newsletter length, the number of custom-written articles, and the level of service you need from me to distribute you newsletter.

Obviously, the more articles we decide on, the more time it takes to develop content for the newsletter.

When we decide to launch your newsletter, there will be a one-time Launch Fee which covers my researching your company’s goals and developing your newsletter plan. I will also provide you with an estimate for each consecutive issue based on the parameters we’ve decided upon.

Are you ready to start? Tell me about your copywriting project so we can get to work!

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