JOTTINGS: Thinking about the future

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Before I launch into this week’s newsletter, I have a favor to ask.

Can you give me some quick feedback on your marketing challenges and focus for 2021?

Your answers will help me identify which topics I should write about in upcoming issues of the newsletter.

I’d love your help. Would you mind answering these 3 questions?

I promise it’s quick. Just 20 seconds. 🙂

In my last newsletter, I asked this question: “What that ONE THING that you will finally take care of, so you don’t carry it over to the new year?”

I got a lot of great answers. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Finish my book!
  • Update my email subscriber list … finally!
  • Shop for car insurance (teenagers in the house) 

What was my one thing?

To create a new opt-in form for my website. See, one of my big goals for 2021 is to grow my email list.

I built this form using ConvertBox (affiliate link). It is already integrated into my website. I’ve also created a button that will be used in my blog posts – when clicked, it triggers the opt-in form. It’s the button below. Try it! 😊

A Look 👀 at the Future 🔮

Email is not dead. It’s not going away. 99% of consumers check their email every day, and more than 50% check their email account more than 10 times a day. (Source: Email by the Stats)

In fact, your email list is quite valuable.

It’s one of the few online assets that you own! The other is your website.

Everything else you grow online—Facebook and Instagram followers and YouTube subscribers—isn’t owned by you. They are great platforms to create name recognition and credibility, but should these social platforms change or the audience goes always (does anyone remember MySpace?), so does your reach.

The bigger goal with social media should be to drive traffic back to your website and collecting their names. Once you have their name and email address, this gives you the chance to build a stronger relationship by speaking directly to them, via their inbox, at a time that’s convenient for them.

If you want to grow your business consistently, invest in email marketing.

This is why I’m going hard on building my email list in 2021, and why I recommend that you should, too.

🤞 Reminder … If you haven’t already done so, I could use your HELP! Please answer these 3 questions about your marketing challenges and focus for 2021. Thank you!

Happy New Year!


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