5 Ways to Generate Leads With Case Studies



When remodelers are looking for the “secret” to generating leads, one does exist – right under their noses. It inspires prospects, displays their fine craftsmanship and even spurs on sales. It’s called writing case studies (or project spotlights).

Project spotlights are a remodeler’s “secret weapon” to showing potential customers the thoughtful design and detail put into every project. Behind every project is a story, and it is up to you to tell it through thoughtful photos and content.

Here are five ways to use case studies / project spotlights in marketing to generate leads (and ultimately create more sales).

1. Websites. Your website is often the buyer’s first impression of your business. Furthermore, remodelers have the added advantage of knowing that when a homeowner visits your website, they are usually in the market for your services. They are simply trying to find the right remodeler for the project they have in mind. They are comparing you to others – so you better be showcasing your projects online.

Source: Inspire Homes

2. Newsletters. Project spotlights make the BEST feature article in any newsletter for builders, remodelers and specialty contractors. Inspire your readers by showcasing your talents with the projects you’ve completed.


Source: Decorating Den Interiors (Barbara Tabak)

3. Direct Marketing. Potential customers need to trust you and feel confident that you can handle the project that they have in mind. Show them that they won’t be your “guinea pig” by providing them with a one-page project spotlight.

Source: Chamberlin Remodeling

4. White Paper (aka Free Report). Offering free reports (that can be downloaded from your website) are a great way to capture new leads. Not only do you turn the casual website visitor into a lead, but through your free report, you are giving them a flavor of the solutions you provide. Project spotlights are often used in white papers to further illustrate your capabilities.


Source: Decorative Glass Solutions


5. Blogs. Project spotlights were made for sharing! Write the story about your project, use lots of photos and then post it on your blog.


Source: Dowd Restoration

BONUS: Social Media. Once you have the project spotlight, now it’s time to share. Share it with your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest followers!

Source: Warline Painting


Project spotlights help homeowners visualize the project, from start to finish, by highlighting the existing home (what the homeowner wanted changed) and what you, as the remodeler, did to provide the solution. If you aren’t using case studies / project spotlights in your marketing strategy, what’s stopping you?

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6 thoughts on “5 Ways to Generate Leads With Case Studies”

  1. Hi – great article! But I have a question about case studies. Would you recommend making people enter their email address before getting access to the full case study? i.e., using case studies to generate leads?

    Thanks so much.

    I ask because I’m currently rebuilding my website and I’m going to integrate case studies, but I don’t know if I should be them behind a subscribe form or just let me be open and free.


    1. Without knowing the specifics of the case study, this is what I’d recommend. Is there one case study that can be modified into a Guide or Research findings … something that makes one curious enough to want to give up their name and email address? If so, take the time to re-write it into something that is appealing. That is what you use as your free download to motivate people to turn over their information. The rest of your case studies, I’d allow all information to be viewed, as those will ultimately sell your services/products.

      Does this makes sense, Bobby?

  2. One great idea for getting more from a project – take the reader on a journey. We’re starting the planning stages of a bathroom remodel. How cool if the builder chronicled a story of a remodel as it happened? They could detail the process, the issues which arose (if they did), how they were handled….

    1. Absolutely! Photos taken throughout the remodeling journey really make this idea easier. I had one builder who did this with a project and it came out really nice.

  3. Great article Tess! The website is so key for remodelers (and builders too). You can write for ages about how awesome the houses are you build or the projects are that you’ve completed, but until people can SEE the projects/homes for themselves, they’re just not going to be convinced.

    What’s especially important is to have many different types of projects on your website. People want to know that you have experience with the specific project they have in mind, and they want to be able to see a finished version that blows them away.

    Writing the content for these types of projects can be difficult, but I always recommend focusing on the unique features visible in each photo. People aren’t going to know PRECISELY what you did, as a remodeler/builder, to make a project stand out from the rest unless a) they have an eye for such things (which most of your clients probably don’t have) or b) you tell them!

    1. Hi Adam,

      I totally agree with having “Project Stories” for the different types of work that remodelers/builders do.

      Also, so many times contractors throw up dozens of pictures on their website, but they don’t describe the photos. How awesome is it when you land on a remodeling website to actually look at the photo and have a few words describing the detail that probably would have otherwise been misssed.

      Always appreciate your comments and perspective, Adam. Thanks!

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