4 Reasons Why Remodelers Should Be Using Email Marketing


email-marketingWith a variety of new marketing methods available, many underestimate the power of email marketing – yet this is one approach that should still hold a firm seat at your marketing plan’s table.

Many remodelers shy away from email marketing because they themselves get too many emails and feel that their customers won’t appreciate getting “one more email.” Sure, this observation may apply to some of your past customers, but statistics show email is still a preferred method of receiving information from businesses.

Here are some interesting facts pertaining to email marketing:

  • 138% – Consumers who make purchase through marketing emails spend 138% MORE THAN those who do not receive email offers.
  • 64% prefer emails compared to 8% for social media sites.
  • 45% – The percentage of email recipients making at least one purchase last year directly because of a marketing email.
  • 93% of online consumers interact with brands through email – more than any other platform.

Source: Social Media Today (PDF)

Today’s email marketing is actually quite different from a decade ago. Email back then was expensive and riddled with unethical practices, such as spamming people and buying lists (which turned a lot of people off).

Not today. Today, email marketing is still categorized as push-marketing, but the difference is in the approach. When done right, email is about building relationships with your subscribers by providing great content. Certainly, you may decide to send out a “special offer” from time to time, but the majority of the content you email out should be informative, educational and fun.

Here are four reasons why you should be using email marketing:

  1. Building Your Subscriber List = More Sales. This is Sales 101. In order to make sales, you need to keep your marketing funnel wide open at the top. One method for achieving this is by building your email subscriber list.
  2. Email is Fairly Inexpensive. Email is not entirely free. You must pay for a delivery system such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact (or one of the others out there), and you must also account for your time to write and lay-out the email, but overall, it is an inexpensive way to market your business.
  3. Keeps Your Business Top of Mind. When it comes to email marketing, in most cases, you are reaching out to people who have already bought from you – or at least are familiar with you. They already know, like and may even trust you. By emailing your subscribers on a regular and consistent basis, you are positioning yourself as THE ONE they remember when they need an addition, or a room painted or [insert your service(s) here]. Email marketing allows you to stay top-of-mind.
  4. Opens Up Communication. One of the things that always surprise my email newsletter clients is how they are able to reconnect with “old customers” – relationships they’d thought were dead. Emails give customers an easy way to reply back to you, which often opens up the lines of communications again and in many cases, more referrals and jobs.

When it comes to staying connected with your past customers and new prospects, email marketing needs to be one of your “go to” methods, and the sooner your implement, the quicker you can begin to build those connections, referral sources and ultimately more sales.

If you are seeking an easier way to implement your email newsletter program, I offer a Done-For-You eNewsletter program

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