Success Stories: The Key to Effective Contractor Marketing


Success stories can be one of your most powerful marketing tools. A good story sticks with us. A good story has the power to move us, both emotionally and to action. Stories resonate with us in a way that numbers can’t match. Considering these truths, using stories for contractor marketing is a no-brainer.

Success stories and case studies, in particular, show how you helped a client solve a problem, resulting in a happy ending for all. Tell these stories about your business, and you’ll resonate with new clients powerfully. According to Hubspot, 90% of people do their research before making a purchase or hiring a service. This includes reading product reviews, customer testimonials, and social media posts.

3 Ways to Use Success Stories In Construction Marketing

People are looking for stories that will reassure them that they’re making the right purchasing decision or investment. Telling success stories about your business simply gives them what they want while also providing vital information about your services.

It doesn’t end with telling the stories, however. Once your stories are out there, there’s more you can do to leverage your case studies and improve your contractor marketing efforts.

1. Gather Your Success Stories and Case Studies on One Page

Don’t stop with one success story – tell a bunch of them, then gather them together on one page on your website. Outline each story briefly before providing a link for reading more. This “library” will let your potential clients choose the story that resonates most with them. On your landing page, you can even include positive quotes from customers that link to your success story with them.

2. Post About Your Success Story on Social Media As Part of Your Contractor Marketing Efforts

Share your success stories, but do so in a way that focuses on the customer’s challenge and how they overcame it or resolved it with your help.

By the same token, don’t just post a link to the story. Make sure you include a brief overview that outlines the above challenge and resolution for the customer. The customer is the protagonist in the story, not your business.

3. Include Success Stories in Your Email Marketing

According to Hubspot, sharing your success story with leads that have gone stale can help draw them back (for instance, people who signed up for emails and spent a significant amount of time on your site, but never pulled the trigger to get in touch).

Sending out an email with this content to these particular prospects is a great example of utilizing your content for targeted marketing.

Why Success Stories Work, Especially in Contractor Marketing

As a provider of home services, you have lots of unique stories to tell about projects you have completed.

When clients trust you to work on their homes, they’re letting you help them make the very fabric of their day-to-day lives better. As a contractor, you can leverage these stories to speak directly to potential clients and give them the information they’re looking for before they hire you. For contractor lead generation, what could be more effective?

Do you want help with writing your project success stories? This type of project happens to be one of my favorite content writing projects to say YES to. If you have project stories to share and need help, let’s talk. 

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