My Website Was Hacked & Here’s What I Learned


My website was hacked … again and again, and over the last two weeks, I finally took steps to properly fix it.

I’ve been dealing with website issues since the middle of March when I noticed that one day had particularly high traffic compared to the other days. The same thing happened in April. Each time I reached out to my web developer to help me resolve the issue.

When it happened again in May, my web developer recommended that I switch website hosting services, as the security of the company I was using (SiteGround, for anyone who is interested) had gone downhill. I agreed to switch it over to my developers’ personal server, but after that migration took place, I asked her to switch it back. She is a one-person operation, and I wasn’t comfortable that she was the only one who could access my website. What if she was traveling or hospitalized? I wanted to have the ability to access it, too, if needed.

Hack attempts continued in June, and by July, the hackers succeeded. We cleaned it up, and I started shopping for a new website host. <— such a fun way to spend your evenings and weekends!

Unfortunately, the hackers were not done messing with my site. In the two weeks I took to research new website hosts, they were still able to access my site – even adding several new blog articles.


In early August, I switched my website host to one that came highly recommended by someone in my Mastermind group. She further recommended that I get someone else (a second opinion) to look “under the hood” of my website. I’m glad I did.

He found “over 5,500 files left by previous hackers and malicious folders full of other sites’ content for pharmaceutical products.” That’s just one in a long list of items he fixed inside my website.

He recommended that he do a full assessment of my entire website and email system. I agreed, and over this last week, he’s reviewed every nook and cranny of my digital real estate = my website.

  • Deleted conflicting plugins
  • Deleted unused plugins
  • Set up my authentication software properly (because I hadn’t)
  • Looked at each page (not post) of my site to make sure that malicious content wasn’t added
  • Removed a ton of page builder items my site didn’t need, which makes my site load faster (page loading speed is a factor for Google)
  • Streamlined my site map
  • Fixed my email. It had been giving me issues off and on since January
  • … and more

I say it all the time:

Take care of the two pieces of digital real estate you own: your website and your email list.

While I thought I was taking care of my website particularly because I’ve been working on organic SEO efforts (read more below in resources), I wasn’t doing a good enough job.

I’d become too passive with the security of my site. I’d slowly taken my hands off of my website wheel and gone into cruise control mode as I dealt with other aspects of my business and personal life. And even when I knew the hack attempts were happening, I wasn’t aggressive enough early on to put an end to it. I know this now.

Your website is one of the most important assets for your business, and if it loses credibility, it will not come up in Google (or Bing) search results. You lose all of that wonderful organic SEO that you’ve probably spent a decade or more creating.

My tips to you from my lessons learned:

  • Assessment. Pay your website developer to do a thorough assessment of your website. It will probably cost between $350 and $500. It’s worth every penny.
  • Maintenance & monitor. Pay your website developer’s monthly fee to monitor, maintain and backup your website. It will probably cost around $100 a month. Make sure you understand how frequently they will log into your site to do the needed updates and how often your website is backed up. Over time, assess if you are happy with the services/results you are receiving? If not, talk to your website developer to increase the level of service or shop for a different one.
  • Deal with spam swiftly. Review your blog for spam comments. Remove them immediately.
  • Know the data. Review your Google Analytics every month (weekly is better). It takes 3 minutes. If you see an unusual spike in traffic, alert your website developer.
  • Log into your website at least once a week. Look around. See if any content was added without your knowledge or looks suspicious. If you use WordPress, are there a ton of updates needed? If so, ask your web developer to make them. If you are on a maintenance and monitoring program with your developer, do you see updates being made regularly? If not, that may be a sign you need to look elsewhere.

Don’t be passive about your website. It’s the most important digital asset you have.


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As I noted in the last issue, Jason and I have been working a lot this summer, and unfortunately, in these last two weeks, we’ve only had a bit of free time. We have a few big things planned in the near future, however.

I’ve managed to get on the Peloton and get into our garage gym a bit more regularly this month. It’s really helped me decompress. If you have a Peloton and want to connect, I’m PAWriterGirl. I’ll follow you back!

Have a great few weeks! I’ll be in touch again on September 10, 2021 with another issue of Jottings.

Until next time,

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