The Newsletter Program for Remodelers

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What You Get With Each Issue:

One Featured Article

The opportunity to customize with your own welcome message & supporting images

One Home Tip

A Newsletter Program Built For Remodelers!

Look … my goal isn’t to build a mega-newsletter program for remodelers – where content feels canned and impersonal.

My goal is to write interesting and high-quality content that my clients are eager to share with their subscribers – so they can get more business and referrals – in the most efficient way possible … via a email newsletter!

A Remodelers' newsletter Program that ...

Saves You Time

Publishes at the frequency you want (every-other-month).

Allows you to stay in touch with your previous clients and prospects.

Guarantees regular posting to your Facebook business page (via the Done-For-You Facebook posting).


Here's What You Get
with this newsletter program:

6 issues a year

So many design/build remodeling firms have noted the want to publish their newsletter every-other month, so this newsletter program publishes in January, March, May, July, September and November.

Content includes one (1) feature article and one (1) home-tips article + stock image

  • Feature article focuses on popular remodeling topics, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms (and mudrooms) – as those tend to be the most highly-requested renovation projects.
  • Home Tip article: Topics could include tips on, but not limited to, seasonal items, home maintenance and decorating/interior design.

During the DRAFT stage:

  • Your DFY newsletter content is emailed to you in a Word or Google doc so you could make any changes you wished – including customizing the Welcome Message.
  • You will have approximately 5 business days to review the newsletter program content and customize it. You may also provide your own images (if you do not want to use the stock images).
  • Once approved, the content is uploaded into your pre-existing newsletter template.
  • Your e-newsletter is scheduled to go out.

You will also get Facebook Posting as part of this program!

  • At the same time you receive the DFY newsletter content, you will also receive 8-10 suggested Facebook posts for your review. You can approve them all or choose which ones you want us to post to your Facebook Business Page.
  • If you have a blog, our suggested Facebook posts will include re-posting of articles from your blog – geared toward driving traffic back to your website.

Topics from previous issues ...

Curious About the Newsletter Content?

This newsletter program for remodelers is an upscale experience.

Your audience has matured past a “pull-and-replace” mentality; your content needs to match those expectations.

This is not the typical 300-500-word canned content that other newsletter programs offer. It’s high-quality (always customizable) content that will engage and surprise your audience. Issue after issue, your readers will go, “Oh wow! Hey Honey … when we are ready to remodel our [fill in their dream remodel project], I want to work with [insert your remodeling firm here]!”


This Is The One Of The Few Customizable Email Newsletter Programs For Remodelers Available.
COMPETITION NEED NOT APPLY: To Keep This Program Exclusive, We Purposefully Limit The Number Of Remodelers (In One  Geographical Area).  

Just The Content

$250 / per issue billed annually*
  • Feature & Home Tips Articles
  • Facebook Posts (general only)
  • Stock Images
  • No layout and posting services

* $275 if preferred to be billed per issue (6x year)

* $300 if preferred to be billed per issue (6x year)

What Our clients say

I am pleased with Tess’ approach to newsletters. She is easy to work with, understands the industry and her process is geared toward taking the hassle out of implementing a newsletter program. I give her the information and she goes to work.Recently I closed another sale that I can attribute entirely to the fantastic newsletter Tess produces for us. The homeowner contact us over a year and a half ago about a house addition. We talked on the phone, but it never progressed to a meeting. I put her on the newsletter list. Fast forward to last month. She calls us and says she bought a new (old) house that needs a lot of work. I credit the newsletter for her contacting us again and making it an easy sale to close.”
Louis Orazem
President, Inspire Homes
Working with Tess on the creation and development of our newsletter campaign has been a real pleasure. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to marketing for those in the construction industry. Our very first newsletter was recently mailed, and we have already heard lots of positive feedback from past customers and potential customers who have found the content informative and beneficial. Tess’s knowledge of the industry, prompt correspondence, patience, and skills in newsletter and content marketing in particular are just a few of the reasons I would recommend Tess Wittler Writing Services to anyone in the construction trades!
Jordan Metzler
Business Development & Operations, Metzler Home Builders
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