How Can Contractors Increase Web Search Results? Give Answers to Questions


increase-web-search-resultsLike most contractors, one of your primary web marketing goals should be getting found in search results. You understand that being found in search results equates to more people visiting your website … which can result in more sales.

There are many good SEO firms out there that can help you with this, but you don’t necessarily need fancy systems to get found on the web. All you need is a desire to do web marketing yourself by identifying your questions and then giving answers.

Stick with me here while I explain …

Identifying your questions is pretty easy. These are the questions that people ask in a Google search that you could answer on your website.

Here’s an example from my own life. We recently relocated to Tucson, Arizona, and let me tell you, it is HOT here. We arrived during the hottest part of the year; it hasn’t been below 100F one day yet in the two weeks we’ve been here.

One of the biggest problems we’ve had since moving into our home is we’ve noticed the air conditioning wasn’t pushing cold air like we thought it should. The backside of the home was cool, but the main living area and kitchen were noticeably warmer. We tried shutting bedroom doors; that didn’t work. We tried using a fan to pull air from the cooler areas of the home to the main living area; that didn’t work. We already had the blinds pulled and the lights off; we honestly couldn’t think of what else to do to make the home cooler. Part of us wondered if this was just the way it is in Tucson – homes are hotter and stuffier – but deep down inside I knew it wasn’t right.

So I did a Google search: “How to set AC in Arizona.” Sure enough, many potential links in response to my question appeared. This search, where I asked a question, lead me to click on an HVAC contractor’s website where I found the answer: Our thermostat was set to both COOL and FAN. When I turned the FAN off, the house got cooler. Bingo! I had my answer.

Read that again: This lead me to an HVAC contractor’s website where I found my answer …

The way people search online is very specific. Google, Bing and other search engines will produce better results when the search is narrow.  Often this involves asking Google or Bing a question.

So how can contractors increase web search results? Answer questions that consumers search by. How many more customers could you attract if you simply started answering questions on your website? What questions will you answer?

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2 thoughts on “How Can Contractors Increase Web Search Results? Give Answers to Questions”

  1. Tess, you nailed it here! I am constantly amazed at the search queries I see on different sites, so many are prefaced by “how do I” or “what is the best paint for..”. Any contractor who answers these questions will benefit in search!

    1. Absolutely. When you view your website/blog as a resource to help consumers by answering FAQ, you really see the search results improve which results in your list growing, receiving more inquiries for business, etc.

      Thanks for chiming in.

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