3 Things to Build Your Construction Business in 2015




The New Year is a time for renewed energy for fresh, positive things to come. Many of us have spent the last quarter analyzing our businesses to determine how we’ll end 2014. From that data, we make goals and action plans to make 2015 even better.

Yet, usually by the end of January, many resolutions are out the window – for a variety of reasons. Unforeseen opportunities come our way, complications on design/build projects happen or we simply underestimate the resources (time or money) it will take to meet a particular goal. Sometimes, it is a change in the personal side of life that makes you reassess your vision for your business – or put well-intended plans on hold.

Even though we spend so much time planning for the New Year, perhaps the reason why we fall short of achieving our goals is because we don’t properly plan; we dream and the enthusiasm from big plans will only carry us so far before momentum fades.

What I’ve come to realize is that significant change doesn’t have to be in the form of big actions. Change can occur with small, purposeful steps, and over time, those steps equate to significant and measurable change that result in meeting your goals.

This year, I encourage you to take those big business goals and divide them into smaller ones. From there, commit to three actions. Why three? Three is a manageable number. There is power behind the number three.

Here are some ways you can build your construction business in 2015 and reach your goals by just doing three things.

  • Pick out 3 blogs to follow and comment on weekly.
  • Inventory your website noting the changes you’d like to make. Each month, make 3 changes.
  • Identify 3 projects that would make good case studies … and commit to completing them this quarter so they can generate leads and sales for your firm.
  • Select 3 dormant clients that you’ll try to reconnect with.
  • For business development in the AEC industry, pinpoint 3 prospective clients you’ll invite to lunch/coffee – not to sell – but to see if there is any synergy between your companies.
  • Explore 3 ways you can streamline operations by outsourcing tasks and/or projects, such as hiring a social media manager or freelance content writer (like me) to write project sheets, case studies, articles and white papers.
  • Determine 3 things that make you different and set your company apart, create messages around these items and use them in your marketing messages.
  • Review 2014 and identify 3 items that should be celebrated with your team, 3 things that need improvement and 3 things that can be eliminated entirely – and take action on each.

Three things are achievable and will build the foundation for achieving your goals. Start there.

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