What’s Your Story?

Why wait for a reporter from a glossy magazine to write a feature article about your home when you can write one yourself?

Smart builders are writing their own articles to market their homes or communities. These articles are more than just a listing of unique features you’d find in a beautiful brochure; these articles get to the heart of the experience your customers will have when purchasing one of your homes. In fact, these articles tell a story – your story – of the thoughtful consideration you put into every detail of the home and/or community.

No self promotion, please.  These articles aren’t written like a marketing brochure. They are different. They are written to evoke an emotional connection with the reader – whether to inspire them, make them dream or educate them about the trends and techniques incorporated into your project … just like you’d find in a glossy publication.

Builder Article Ideas:

  • Tell the story behind your Parade of Homes house or the Home-A-Rama home you built.
  • Tell the story of a unique community or/development. Perhaps it is the first traditional neighborhood in the region (or just the first one you’ve done). Perhaps your neighborhood is a 55+ community or showcases a gorgeous golf course. Find that detail and tell the story.
  • Are you designing a one-of-a-kind home? Tell the story.

If you aren’t a builder, but a remodeler or other contractor who renovates a portion of a home, articles can become even more personal for you. I interview your customer and capture the heart of their story – what was it in their lives that made them chose to renovate now? Let’s tell that story! Learn about customer success stories

Here are just a few ways in which articles can be used:

  • Use photos and articles together to put together a “coffee table” book to showcase your work.
  • Send to publication editors to inspire them to use the article or write one of their own.
  • As a flyer in informational packets
  • As a “Project Spotlight” in newsletters, on websites and on your blog
  • As a basis to a script of a web video or movie
  • Passed out at open houses

… really, there are dozens of ways to use the articles you create.

Are you ready to start? Tell me about your copywriting project so we can get to work!

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