How Has Your Business Changed?


How much has your business changed in the last year? 18 months?

Certainly, material prices, supply chain issues and the ever-present shortage of skilled labor have caused the building industry to adjust. The additional high demand from consumers who are eager to begin projects now has also caused you to change how you estimate and schedule work.  

But I’m talking about something a bit deeper than your business needing to react to changes beyond your control.

  • Has this pandemic caused you to rethink the types of work you do?
  • Does the never-ending stream of projects leave you tired or energized? How has this shifted how you approach new work?
  • Do you offer other services, such as commercial services that handle office remodels, for example? Or perhaps it’s a seasonal service such as snow removal.
  • Perhaps you have reached a milestone (or age) where you are thinking about the next chapter of your life … and trying to define what that looks like.

I ask these questions because I’m working on three website projects right now where the reason why we are rewriting them is that their business has pivoted. The website copy needs to reflect that shift.

Website SEO Client #1 | Pittsburgh, PA

I’ve been working with this client since late 2014. At the time, they were taking on a variety of projects to keep their team busy. They always had a big vision. Today, they are a custom home builder and design/build luxury remodeling firm. As the client told me, “If I’m not moving dirt, I don’t want the project.”

This is our third website revision in six years. All revisions are because their business has pivoted, and their website copy needed to be adjusted to reflect how their business changed.

In addition to reviewing the copy on every page of their site, since they are one of my content marketing management clients, every month I work on improving their organic SEO. This includes posting to Google My Business, continuous keyword research, competitor analysis, writing SEO blog content, publishing their e-newsletter, reviewing meta tags, headlines and images for alt-tags, and more.  

SEO Copywriting Client #2 | Tampa Bay, FL

This remodeler set up his own website when he started business and just threw some general copy onto his site. Now that he’s been in business for a few years, he has determined which projects he most enjoys (and are the most profitable). He needs his website to reflect those projects: kitchen and bathroom remodels.

We’ve scoped out his website project so that from an SEO copywriting perspective, we are covering the most important pages first: Home, About, Services (a page for each), and Contact. Next year, we’ll work on Phase 2, which will involve adding project stories to get localized organic SEO onto his site (i.e., Kitchen Remodeling Hyde Park, Bathroom Remodel Clearwater Beach).

SEO Writing Services Client #3 | Richmond, VA (it’s me!)

I’m my third client. My website has gone through several updates – the last one in 2017 – and it’s time to update my content again. I’m specifically focused on updating my services and adding workshops (coming Winter 2022).

So, I ask you again, how much has your business changed? And does your website accurately reflect those changes?

If you need website help, I offer website reviews, content planning and website rewriting packages. 


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Last week, we were on vacation on the Outer Banks of North Carolina (OBX to those of us on the East Coast). It was the first vacation we’ve taken in a year, and after the summer of working what felt like non-stop, it was a welcomed break.

This vacation was good for many reasons. It allowed us the time and space to unwind. We spent mornings sipping coffee, walked the boardwalk in Duck, and explored the beach. It was this trip that we introduced Sumi to the ocean and the pool … and what a treat that was to see those things through the eyes of a pup again.

This trip showed us that we need to take more breaks. Once a year isn’t enough. It spurred a “passion project” within us called Beyond The Grind Life, so we’ve been working on that. The website is being built (by me), but our Facebook and Instagram is live. I hope you’ll follow us.

Have a great few weeks! I’ll be in touch again on October 28, 2021 with another issue of Jottings.

​Until next time,

Less Blah.
More Meaning.

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