Content Review Procedure & Period

This page describes the Content Review Procedure and timeframe, what actions should be taken during that time, and what happens if no action is taken.

The Content Review Period

When you work with Tess Wittler Marketing, LLC, your content submissions are held to a Content Review Period. This period is a timeframe by which you can either approve or request modifications to the content.

How does the review period work?

Whenever a piece of content is submitted to you, you will have 14 days to take action on it. You can either accept it or request revisions (unless otherwise stated, one round of revisions per article is included).

If you opt for revisions, the Content Review Period will pause and resume when we complete the necessary changes and notify you by email.

We will resume the content publication path if you do not act within the 14-day review period. After the article is published, you can edit as you feel appropriate, or if you’d like, you can contact us to have us make your modifications billed at our current hourly rate (30-minute minimum).

Why is keeping a content timeline important?

If you are working with us, you understand the importance of content creation – and the strategy behind the content. Together, we’ve invested time and resources into developing a content strategy that makes sense for your business. When content is delayed in the review and approval process, it stalls your SEO efforts.

We’ve found that clients who post new content regularly to their website see these SEO benefits, which is reflected in their monthly reports:

  1. Increased website traffic: Search engines love fresh content, and regularly posting new blog content can help your website appear higher in search results. This means more people are likely to find and visit your website, increasing your website traffic.
  2. Improved website authority: Consistently publishing high-quality blog content can help establish your website as an authoritative source in your industry or niche. This can result in higher rankings, increased traffic, and more backlinks to your site, which all contribute to improving your website’s overall authority and reputation.
  3. Improved website indexing: Every time you publish a new blog post, search engines like Google will crawl and index that page. By consistently adding new content to your website, you can signal to search engines that your website is active and regularly updated. This can help improve the speed and frequency at which search engines crawl and index your site, making it more likely for your content to be found and shown in search results.

By default, the Content Review Period is 14-days. However, please contact us if you have any issues with this period.

Effective May 1, 2023.

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