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I am not the first marketing person to tell you that blogging works (and that you need to start blogging now), but if you need another dose of Why Blogging Works 101, here it goes.

Blogging works for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most popular reason is for “SEO-Love.” Search engines, such as Google, love and reward you for having fresh, original content on your website. It keeps your website fresh. But my #1 reason why blogging works is this: Customers get to know you, and because of this, you are setting yourself apart from the competition.

Blogging works because you are giving readers the opportunity to get to know you.

When you publish fresh, relevant and informative content on a regular basis to your blog, you are also allowing your followers (i.e. your potential customers) the chance to get to know you. Your personality shines brightly, along with your expertise.

As a contractor, there are many topics you can cover – from building permits and winter tips to alerts of home improvement scams in your area. Each post will be different yet all will move your followers closer to getting to know you – as a business and as a person. And people do business with those they know, like and trust.

From the homeowner’s perspective, hiring a builder or remodeler is often compared to a marriage. While your “relationship” may not be for life, you do have to live with the contractor you hired day-in and day-out until the project is complete. Building ore remodeling a home is stressful and a time-intensive one, and if you don’t get along, there are going to be issues.

From your perspective, you’ve had your share of “doozie” customers who have been frustrating and worn down your patience, right? Sometime in the end, it all works out, but mostly it is one of those experiences you hope to never repeat.

I can’t tell you that regularly publishing to your blog (at least once a week) will eliminate your “doozie” customers, but it can weed-out more of them from contacting you. A blog will bring you higher-qualified prospects, and these prospects will likely know you from reading your blog and the other online marketing you do.

Here’s one example how. There are a few small contractors in my area that allow the homeowner to do some of the work on remodeling projects. They will allow homeowners to apply for building permits to working side-by-side hammering and sawing away. And the exchange for labor is an adjusted price and longer project time (as these contractors recognize that homeowners will probably miss deadlines). These are good “above board” contractors who have been in business a number of years, so obviously this business model works for them.

If this prevalent in your area but isn’t the type of homeowner you want, you can publish articles on your blog that help deflect this type of customer from contacting you, such as writing an article titled “Why Homeowners Shouldn’t Apply for Building Permits Alone.” Explain the many behind-the-scenes activities that go into obtaining a permit and the expertise that is required. Talk about government expectations and the copious notes that may need to be taken to make sure the plan revisions satisfy the authorities so that the plan can get approved and the project can move forward, and most importantly, detail what happens when a building permit goes wrong.

This type of informative blog article would not only set you apart from other contractors, but it will also “weed out” any homeowners expecting to cut costs by either forgoing the building permit process or going at it alone.

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5 thoughts on “Why Blogging Works”

  1. Nice blog Tess!
    I try to bring homeowner engagement to my blogs… I posted my most recent article here for you where I talk about 3 specific services that can be done to a bathtub. I openly ask for homeowners to comment that may have already had one of these services completed to help my potential clients/readers make decisions on what can benefit them best.

    1. Answering common questions is one of the best ways to get traffic to your blog (and also addresses Google’s Hummingbird update). Plus, it just makes sense that if your customers (or potential customers) need guidance on what options they have for their old tub, you give it to them. Creates value and trust. Keep up the good work, Todd.

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