A Website Review Adds a Fresh Perspective

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Recently, Darren Slaughter and I were the featured presenters for Blogging Painter’s monthly “Website Review.” During these reviews, we  spend an hour looking at one painter’s website and offering our expertise as to where improvement can be made. This time we dug deeper into Patrick Miller’s website, a painter from a Long Beach, California.

The Website Reviews are produced by Blogging Painters and are free of charge. Darren and I do not get compensated for this work; we volunteer our time and talent because we believe that websites are a critical component to the overall success a contractor has in business. The more contractors we can help, the better off the industry will be.

Additionally, Darren and I believe that websites are much more than a “check-off-the-box” marketing tool. Your website can no longer be just an online brochure (or billboard or business card). It needs to function in a way that differentiates you from your competitors, builds stronger relationships and yes, sells! And there is a whole host of ways in which this can be accomplished.


How Blogging Painters Website Reviews Work

Chris Haught, the editor of Blogging Painters, lines up the “victim” (er … volunteer) and schedules the Website Review via Google Hangout (which is basically a Skype call on steroids). Then the fun begins! Independent of each other, all three of us spend a fair amount of time reviewing the website and taking notes – prior to going online. We look for the good, the bad and yes, the ugly – all with the intention of offering ways to improve the site. We cover it all: design, SEO, list-building, photos, blogging and content (and more).

After this one-hour interactive presentation, the painting contractor has his list and can get to work – modifying his website with our suggestions in mind. Over the four months we’ve been doing this, more and more contractors have been tuning in to the live presentation, and the recap post with video has become one of the more popular sections of Blogging Painters website. Why? Because savvy business owners know that they can learn something about their website, too, just by hearing a critique of another.

While the website review Blogging Painters hosts is for painting contractors, it is still important to get your website “reviewed” from time to time. It’s like giving your website a tune-up. We all are guilty of being “too close” to our businesses to see ways to improve it, and often the best remedy for this is a fresh set of eyes – a perspective from someone like Darren or me who does online marketing (specific to contractors) for a living. If you’d like to learn more about my website review services, contact me.


Resources Mentioned in this Post:

Blogging Painters’ Website Review – Patrick Miller Painting and archive of past reviews




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2 thoughts on “A Website Review Adds a Fresh Perspective”

  1. Tess, Great recap of what we have been doing! It has been a lot of fun and I really appreciate all the time and expertise you and Darren share. I have received a lot of good feedback from the “victims” (er … volunteers) and they are making changes and seeing results! See you next Wednesday!

    1. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the Blogging Painters Website Reviews, and I always walk away with a tid-bit or am reminded of something else that I’d forgotten. It is about sharing good advice and info with each other, and it is an amazing service you provide your community.

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