The Reality of Print Newsletters
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“Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket …”


Earlier this month I implemented another “stay-in-touch” marketing strategy – a print newsletter called Content Connections. This launch has resulted in a few of my clients asking, “Why print, Tess?” I figured I’d share my response with all of you.

Did your mom ever tell you not to put all of your eggs in one basket? Why did she tell you that? Well, besides needing a laugh over that screwy face you made as a kid when you were thinking really hard, she told you that to help you understand that you can’t rely on just one delivery method. If the basket is faulty or you trip over your feet and fall, you lose all the eggs (your entire loot). Instead, you need to have a variety of ways to carry your eggs home.

This adage also applies to marketing. If you only do one thing to market your business, you are going to stumble and fail.

Here are a few of the ways I am currently marketing my freelance copywriting business:

  • Email newsletter
  • Social media platforms (primarily Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • Website
  • Publishing regularly to my blog
  • In person and online networking

… and now a print newsletter.

So why did I choose to start a print newsletter now – when online marketing is growing at an incredible rate? It goes back to the “all of the eggs in one basket” adage. I needed to diversify. In fact, in today’s cluttered online world, a print newsletter is probably even an even more effective means of marketing your business.

But if you need a deeper explanation of why print newsletters work, consider these five reasons:

Reason #1: Despite what many people think, direct mail isn’t dead. In fact, with so much “noise” and email “clutter” hitting us on a daily basis, a friendly and informative newsletter is actually quite a welcome piece of mail. People will read it. And in today’s crazy-busy world, isn’t that want you want from your content – for it to be read?

Reason #2: Print newsletters reach a different audience. I currently have only 65 names on my mailing list, and I have intentionally kept my mailing list short and targeted. Some people who receive my print newsletter are indeed clients, and I want to show them other content writing services I offer (through the articles I write), but the majority of those on my list are prospects. I am unsure if they are connected to me online; however, with me physically mailing them a newsletter, I at least know that my name is staying in front of them on a monthly basis.

Reason #3: A print newsletter (aka direct mail) diversifies my marketing. Looking at the list above, the vast majority of my marketing is done online. It has worked for nearly five years, but going back to Mom’s advice of chickens and eggs, adding a print newsletter to diversify my approach is long overdue.

Reason #4: Print newsletters have a “pass-ability” factor that online marketing is lacking. People just don’t forward a link with “real” information on to friends very often. However, they will pass along magazines, news clips and other print material. As a bonus, I know for a fact that my print newsletter was passed along to someone new – because that someone is now a client.

Reason #5: Print newsletters have a long shelf life. Let me ask you this question: How long do you hold onto email newsletters? Truth is, when an email newsletter lands in most people’s inbox, they either have time to read it or they don’t. (And if they don’t, guess what happens to it?) When a print newsletter arrives, if the persons doesn’t have time to read it, it usually gets put in the “save for later” pile. In the pile of mail, newsletters are the “oh, cool!” piece of mail that people make time for.

My print newsletter is my way of diversifying my marketing and not putting all of my eggs in one basket. If you are curious, you can read a copy of Content Connections here.

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4 thoughts on “The Reality of Print Newsletters”

  1. Very true Tess, I received your newsletter (nicely done, love the gold envelope) and passed it on to a contractor that is building their marketing plans. I hope they contact you! Your site is looking good!

  2. In short, direct mail isn’t dead … at all! If you have a limited budget, you just need to be targeted and smart in your approach.

    BTW – Thanks for passing along my newsletter, Chris. Goes to show that print newsletters have that “pass-ability” factor that email newsletters typically don’t.

  3. Direct Mail is far from dead and making a big comeback. I spent today with my local postmaster showing me how EDDM works. I used to send a print newsletter years ago my customers loved it but was allot of work. Ill pass on your info Tess great post.

    1. Thanks for verifying my opinion, Nick. Direct mail isn’t dead … it is expensive, which is why many contractors shy away from it. But when done strategically, it has an amazing ROI.

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