Nobody Cares About Your Product

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Every Monday I will provide a little marketing nudge – a “spark” – to get you geared up and thinking about your marketing for the week

This week’s marketing nudge comes from David Siteman Garland’s book, “Smarter, Faster, Cheaper: Non-Boring, Fluff-Free Strategies for Marketing and Promoting Your Business.” I devoured this book in two days; it is the ideal book to read for those of us who are looking to build strong relationships with our clients and become a go-to resource for them.

Is this statement true or false? Nobody cares about your product.

WCH.insulation in atticLet’s put it into practical terms. As a new home builder, do you believe that your prospects care that your homes consistently get certified Gold by the NAHB Green Building Standards? Yes, this rating certainly helps with your credibility as a builder, but do your prospects are swayed by you discussing the R-value of the insulation used or that the HVAC equipment was sized and calculated using ACCA Manual J? More importantly, do they even understand those terms?

The truth is people care about themselves and solving their own problems. As Garland states, “By far, the number one repeated mistake that businesses people make when marketing and promoting online (and offline) is to talk – excessively – about themselves … and how amazing their product is.”

Garland goes on to say, “That’s why many websites and most corporate blogs (and business-related blogs in general) fail; these companies don’t create material that is focused on the consumer. Instead, they make it about themselves.”

I am not saying that you can’t mention that your home is certified Gold by NAHB – naturally, that’s helps cement your credibility as a home builder. But instead of talking about the list of features included in every home you build (boring), let’s talk about how those features solve your customers’ problems. What are some of the benefits consumers reap from living in a Gold certified home? Lower energy bills – Yes. Added comfort – Yes. Cleaner indoor air – Yes. And from there, go even deeper and explain how these feature benefits homeowners.

Remember, potential home buyers what to know HOW YOU WILL SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS. Get inside their heads and address their problems – their worry points – and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the trust and loyalty towards your company grows.

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