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chatham-lighthouseThe other day I was working with a remodeling client of mine, John from Cape Cod Massachusetts, and together we were developing the content for the next issue of his email newsletter.

As is typical for my clients, the heart of his newsletter is a project spotlight, however, much of the rest of the newsletter is customized to the contractor I am working with.

In John’s case, the last section in his newsletter usually involves a “What’s Happening at the Cape” article. For this issue, he told me of his idea about having the article be a light piece on how to chase away the Winter Blues. From there, he recounted a few things he and his family has done locally to keep the Winter Blues at bay.

But wait. Isn’t he a remodeling contractor? Why in the world would he want to include an article like that? Shouldn’t it be house-related?

John is absolutely right in wanting to go in this direction.

He understands his goals for publishing content: to make a real connection … to tell a story and be human. To be relatable.

Content marketing isn’t all that complicated; implementing a strategy can be, but the content itself shouldn’t be. It starts with being yourself and making a real connection with a reader (or a listener for podcasts and a viewer for videos). It’s about showing a side of you (and your business) that connects with them on an emotional level.

Living on Cape Cod, John understands the endless pounding of cold, ice and snow that his community has seen the last 3+ months. He is using content – telling a story – to show that he is in the same boat. He, too, has had to find creative outlets to chase away the Winter Blues.

With this article, John is focusing on what’s on his readers’ minds and using content to become more relatable. More real. More human. When you are being human, it doesn’t always involve business-talk.

How can you make your content more relatable?

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2 thoughts on “Make Your Content More Relatable”

  1. I agree with this: “When you are being human, it doesn’t always involve business-talk.”

    I think so many people forget that it’s okay to be a real person.

    I’ll be quoting you in my Humanity piece (still in draft stage).

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