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Email marketing during a crisis, like the current environment, doesn’t have to be tacky. There are plenty of ways to use your email newsletter to keep your business visible without appearing insensitive or sounding opportunistic. And while we all know that it isn’t “business as usual,” there are ways you can help others and serve your community, while still getting the message out that you are here—and will be here—when social distancing is lifted.

Now’s the time to stay visible and be a trusted resource for your people. With that in mind, here are some email newsletter topics specifically for remodelers and other contractors. Some of these tips are currently trending searches.

Topic Idea #1: Home Organization Tips

This is a broad category, so you may be able to split this up into a few articles, such as tips for the garage, kitchens/baths, closets and everything else.

You can also include ideas for re-purposing stuff that is no longer needed or used. For example, there are community organizations that can use linens, such as animal or homeless shelters. Non-perishable food items can be donated to the food bank.

Topic Idea #2: Spring Cleaning Tips or Checklist

This article idea is specific for how to effectively clean your home. The article can be categorized into areas of the home, or what to tackle each day or week. Here’s a collection of ideas on Pinterest to get you started.

Topic Idea #3: Spring Yard Maintenance

What steps can a homeowner take to make sure the yard looks good this spring? Divide the tasks into two categories—what they can do now (on their own) and what they can do once the quarantines are lifted and they can head to the garden center for supplies.

Topic Idea #4: Activities for the Kids

Many parents of school-aged children are struggling right now, navigating working from home and ensuring their kids are productive with online learning. Kids also miss their friends, sports and extra-curricular activities. To deepen the difficulties, many of our community and state parks are closed—all to lessen the spread of COVID-19.

  1. Exercise—What fun activities can families do together to burn some energy, on both sunny and rainy days?
  2. Educational—Have you come across some great science experiments? Built something cool (my cousin is famous for tinkering with potato guns)? Come up with a game, like Nerf Math Games, that makes math a bit more tolerable? Share your ideas.
  3. Masking Chores as Family Fun—Spring brings with it plenty of chores. How can you make them more fun for you and the kids?
  4. Cooking classes—The House of Pizza in Enfield, New Hampshire is selling carry-out pizza kits. The kits include everything kids need to learn how to make their pizzas—at home! There are probably local businesses that are getting creative and offering similar packages. Or, you can link to some of your favorite kid-friendly recipes.

Keep in mind, any activities for the family and kids that you can share are probably welcomed. Take it a step further and share what YOU are doing as a family to burn some energy and keep spirits high.

Topic Idea #5: How to Start a Simple Garden

Many consumers have felt the effects of not being able to get fresh vegetables at the grocery store. They simply aren’t available. Spring is a great time to plant a garden, so provide tips for how to start a simple garden. This should include any local garden centers for supplies and “how-to” resources in your community.

Want more email newsletter ideas? Download my latest resource: Even More Content Topics for Contractors| Spring 2020 Edition.

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