Apply today & Get Started with the May 2020 Issue

Here's What You Get:

  • 6 issues a year – published January, March, May, July, September and November.
  • Content includes one (1) feature article and one (1) home-tips article + stock images.
    • Feature article focuses on popular remodeling topics, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms (and mudrooms) – as those tend to be the most highly-requested projects. 
    • Home Tip article: Topics could include tips on, but not limited to. seasonal items, home maintenance and decorating/interior design.
  • During the DRAFT stage:
    • Your DFY newsletter content is emailed to you in a Word or Google doc so you could make any changes you wished – including customizing the Welcome Message.
    • You will have approximately 5 business days to review the content and customize it to fit your needs. You may also provide your own images (if you do not want to use the stock images).
    • Once approved, the content is uploaded into your pre-existing newsletter template.
    • Your e-newsletter is scheduled to go out the same time every publication month (pre-determined by us). 

You will also get Facebook Posting as part of this program!

  • At the same time you receive the DFY newsletter content, you will also receive 8-10 suggested Facebook posts for your review. You can approve them all or choose which ones you want us to post to your Facebook Business Page.
  • If you have a blog, our suggested Facebook posts will include re-posting of articles from your blog – geared toward driving traffic back to your website. 

Topics from previous issues ...

Curious About the Content?

What you get with each issue:

• (1) Feature article centered on kitchen, bathroom and laundry room/mudroom remodeling topics. • (1) Home Tip article that includes tips on (but not limited to) seasonal items, home maintenance and decorating/interior design. • The opportunity to provide your own Welcome Message and 2-3 supporting images per issue.

This Newsletter program was built for Remodelers!

Look … my goal isn’t to build a mega-newsletter program (like so many others out there geared towards remodelers). My goal is to write interesting and high-quality articles for my clients to share with their subscribers in a newsletter format – so they can get more business and referrals – in the most efficient way possible!

This program:

Saves you time.

Publishes at the frequency you’ve been asking for (every-other-month).

Allows you to stay in touch with your previous clients and prospects.

Guarantees regular posting to your Facebook business page (via the Done-For-You Facebook posting).

Helps you stay on track with your marketing efforts! 


This is the one of the few customizable e-newsletter programs for remodelers available.
NOTE: In order to keep this program exclusive, we limit the number of remodelers (in one geographical area).  

Just the Content

$ 225 per issue billed annually*
  • Feature & Home Tips Articles
  • Facebook Posts
  • Stock Images
  • No layout and posting services

The Complete DFY Service

$ 250 per issue billed annually*
  • Feature & Home Tips Articles
  • Facebook Posts
  • Use stock images or replace with your own
  • Opportunity to provide your personalized welcome message
  • Layout + Posting Services Included
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