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Freebie Friday: Maximizing Your Awards

Last Friday evening I had the pleasure of attending the Building Industry Association of Lancaster County’s 21st Annual Parade of Homes Gala. There, they recognized the extraordinary array of design and style displayed in 41 of the finest new homes across Lancaster and Lebanon Counties. That same night, the Home Builders Association of Metro Harrisburg […]

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Good Copywriting Finds The Pain

If you are in sales, you’ve understand that selling isn’t just about a customer’s needs. The art of selling is about getting past talking about features – and digging into the heart of WHY a customer wants what he wants. For example, Mr. Beckham walks into a car dealership and says he needs a vehicle. […]

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Writing Blog Content: Defining a Niche

Last week I wrote a blog post titled “What to write about.” Now that you have your general list of possible topics, you may want to consider defining your niche in the blogging arena. Here’s what I mean. Although your business may have started out as a general business, over time, it has probably evolved […]

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Creating Loyal Customers

Last Friday, the doorbell rang a little after 8pm, and I tripped my way over my dogs (aka “the girls) to answer the door. Turns out, the doorbell-ringing culprit was a college-aged kid named Drew selling lawn-care service for a national franchise and asked if I was interested. Since it was after 8 and I […]

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Nobody Cares About Your Product

Every Monday I will provide a little marketing nudge – a “spark” – to get you geared up and thinking about your marketing for the week This week’s marketing nudge comes from David Siteman Garland’s book, “Smarter, Faster, Cheaper: Non-Boring, Fluff-Free Strategies for Marketing and Promoting Your Business.” I devoured this book in two days; […]

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