Content Marketing Takes Time

content marketing takes time
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content marketing takes timeOne of the hardest things in today’s “instant” world is patience. As a society, we have grown used to on-demand movies (thanks Netflix), one-day shipping (thanks Amazon) and instant downloads (thanks Kindle). It is a world where we don’t have to wait very long to get access to whatever our heart desires.

I recently became a bit impatient and had to be reminded that good things do take time. Before moving from Pennsylvania, we harvested a few peace lily bulbs from our garden. They originally came from my husband’s grandmother’s home on Whidbey Island, Washington, and it is important to us that we have them – no matter where we live.

Shortly after moving to Tucson, we planted a few bulbs in a pot. The plants were blooming and healthy when we took them from Pennsylvania, so I assumed they’d be fine here, too, but they weren’t. The green stems wilted and fell off, and day after day, it looked like just a pot of dirt.

I placed the pot outside where it could get more sun. Nothing changed. I made sure they got a nice soaking when the rains rolled through … and still nothing.

Honestly, I was beginning to think that I’d killed these flowers and was trying really hard not to get heartbroken.

Still, I didn’t give up.

I brought the pot of dirt inside once again and found a spot with sunlight. I tended to the pot every day – even when I didn’t know if it was doing any good. I talked to it (my grandmothers all talked to their gardens), I gave it water and I said a few short prayers, too. Honestly, this was one plant we both were sentimental over, and just the thought of losing it would have been devastating.

Here’s the interesting thing. Everything I was doing was working – even when I couldn’t visibly see the results.

Under the dirt, the plant was getting healthier and growing. Raising plants is a slow process. It takes time.

A few weeks after bringing the pot of dirt inside, I saw one green shoot poking its head out of the dirt!  Oh thank goodness!

A little more water, sunlight and a few words spoken, soon we noticed another bit of green poking out of the dirt. This weekend, we finally got a leaf!

I know that my work with this plant isn’t done – not at all. While I recognize that my hard work is paying off, I also realize that I need to continue to do the things I’ve been doing to keep the plant healthy.

Content Marketing Takes Time

Content marketing is the same way; it takes a lot of time to see results. You post blog articles, are active on social networks and write your email newsletter month after month. Sometimes you get a nibble of activity, but often, you scratch your head and wonder if all of this effort you are putting into it is doing anything for your business.

Seeing the ROI of content marketing takes time – sometimes a lot of time – and this is hard for contractors. We often want to know the secret formula for what works with social media and precisely how long it will take for their content marketing efforts to pan out.

The truth is, we don’t always know.

Part of the reason is because everyone you are connect with is at a different place in the sales process. Some are ready to build or remodel now, while others may be a year or more away from even entertaining the idea

This is why you can’t stop – even when you don’t see it working. You have to give it time and be consistent with your content marketing activities. That’s the only way you are going to see results.

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7 thoughts on “Content Marketing Takes Time”

  1. That is a perfect example. “Everything I was doing was working – even when I couldn’t visibly see the results.”

    We are so conditioned to instant that we’ve become very impatient. Now people expect social media to be instant, too.

    The only thing that’s instant is coffee and it’s not that good.

  2. Hi Tess,

    I love the plant analogy. Some people want instant success with their gardens, too. They can do that, but the cost will be a lot higher. The cost will be a lot higher (and maybe become failure) if people try the same thing with social media. It can’t be rushed. Relationships take time.

    Great post!

  3. Tess, I agree with the others, the plant analogy is spot on! So many times we expect immediate results, and when they don’t appear, give up and move on to the “next greatest thing”. Slow and steady wins the race! Thanks for the reminder my friend!

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