Email Newsletter: Plant the Seeds All Year Long

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email-newsletter-plant-the-seedDon’t let the lazy-days of summer dissuade you from cranking out your email newsletter. Email newsletters are most effective when published on a regular basis! Furthermore, summer can be one of the most effective times to plant the seeds with your subscribers to start planning their home improvement project now so their new space is ready to enjoy in time for the holiday season.

Here are some reminders of why in email marketing,  it is important to plant the seeds all year long.

1. 80/20 Rule. The 80/20 rule says this: 80 percent of a company’s profits come from 20 percent of their customers. When you publish your email newsletter on a regular basis, you are actively staying in touch with your past customers. You never know when a past customer is ready to pull the trigger on a new project, and wouldn’t you much rather have them contact you to see if you are available instead of go somewhere else?

2. Newsletters bring in new business. One of the best ways to win over a person’s trust is to be consistent. When someone signs up for your newsletter and they receive it month-after-month on a regular basis, they read about your projects, see your beautiful photos and get to know your company. Over time that builds trust, and when someone knows and trusts you, they are also more likely to do business with you.

3. Newsletters keep the lines of communication open. Every time you publish your email newsletter, you are communicating with your subscribers in a non-sales-y way. This is GOLDEN in marketing because it isn’t threatening. Subscribers get some good and helpful information from you and sometimes, they hit the “reply” button to talk to you. Some people may just say hello, while others may tell you about a project they have in mind, and the conversation progresses to the next level.

How often you publish your newsletter is based on two important factors: 1) your audience and 2) your budget (if outsourcing, dollars; if doing in-house, time). A random email newsletter publication schedule is going to yield random results. Commit to planting the seed consistently all year long and over time, you’ll see more fruitful results.

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How to finally launch your newsletter %281%29

How to (Finally!) Launch Your Email Newsletter:

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