Generate Leads with Social Media: Write Your Version

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If you are like most businesses, you are tapping into the social media to “advertise” your business. You know that getting new eyeballs on your business name and logo will bring a higher-level of awareness to your business and generate leads.

I get it. I work with contractors all across the country and Canada and much of that is attributed to my ability to generate leads with social media.

But just having your name and logo attached to a tweet or a post isn’t going generate the new leads you want. You need a smarter approach.

Take the topic of trends, for example. For anyone in the home improvement market, this is always a HOT topic and one that a lot of homeowners always want to read about.

From paint colors to kitchens and from outdoor living spaces to high efficiency items, there is always some national brand, manufacturer or association releasing an article about some sort of trend.

They are smart. They know the word “trend” is an eyeball-catching word with homeowners.

Recently, I saw a kitchen designer post a link to an article on the Top Cabinetry Trends on Facebook, but the link actually directed the readers away from their business and onto the Better Homes & Gardens (BHG) website.


What’s wrong with this?

The homeowner isn’t going to remember where she learned about this article. She is going to “Pin It” to one of her Pinterest boards … and where is ABC Cabinetry?

I’ll tell you. Forgotten.

A smarter approach, and one that will generate leads with social media,  is to use the BHG article as inspiration for writing your own article that you then post on your blog. Write about the top cabinetry trends you are seeing in [enter location name here]. THEN post it to Facebook and other social media you use (including Pinterest).

This is precisely what my client did here – when I wrote this blog article for him. We developed an a short article of the 7 kitchen trends he was seeing in his area.


Certainly, this method isn’t as easy as posting a BHG article, but it is so much smarter because it connects you to the article – and down the road, it can (and will) generate a new lead. 10 months from now when Ms. Smith is going through her PInterest board and sees the article you wrote on trends, she thinks, “Yea, when we get our tax refund check next month, I am going to give ABC Cabinetry a call and see if they can redo our kitchen. It’s time.”


A smart approach to social media isn’t just sharing information – anyone with thumbs can do that. It is about sharing valuable information that you created. These are the articles that will generate leads now … and for months to come.


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5 thoughts on “Generate Leads with Social Media: Write Your Version”

  1. It is good to share, of course. But creating content is always the best.

    And it should be easy to read, not plagiarized (copy/paste from Real Simple isn’t creating content), and relevant.

    1. I really enjoy it when a builder or remodeler is able to take something, such as Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report, and tell their own version of what they see locally. Adds so much value and trust to their online efforts.

  2. Every business owner want to see his business on the highest which is possible only if you know your customers needs very well and provide required product in their budget. Social media has become big place to market new products of a business which will increase the amount of customers as well. Thumbs up for your great post about generating more and more leads with the help of social media 🙂

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