Two Words that Build Strong Business Relationships

thank you letter
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thank you letterYou’ve heard me often talk about ways you can build strong business relationships and distinguishing yourself from other construction firms. Let me share something that happened to me this week.

It is the day before trash day, and I am going through the mountain of mail we’ve received in the last week. See, I’ve already picked through the mail and read through “fun” mail, like periodicals and newsletters (aka content) and “important” mail, like car insurance and bills. This pile is everything else (you may also have a similar sorting system).

One of the last things I opened was an envelope from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks (UAF). Inside were copies of two hand-written thank you notes from this year’s scholarship recipients (a scholarship named after Jason’s grandfather). Both students wanted to express their sincere appreciation for the money that helped fund their education.

It made my day.

Not only was I thrilled at the hand-written a thank you, but from a marketing perspective, I was more impressed that the university passed along copies of those thanks to the entire family.

Certainly they could have approached it differently. They could have kept the thank you letters for themselves or sent us a generic letter stating, “The students truly appreciate your commitment to UAF’s scholarship program.” Blah. Blah. Blah.

But they didn’t.

They passed copies of the “Thank Yous” directly to ever single family member.

This set UAF apart from the other colleges, universities and charitable organizations we have contact with.

With that one small act – of passing along a real thank you, UAF built an even stronger bond with us – which, yes, creates loyalty. The next time UAF solicits us to donate to one of their other programs, don’t you think we’ll think twice?

People enjoy doing business with those they know, like and trust – and we like their thoughtfulness to pass along a thanks.

When you get a thank you from one of your customers or win an industry award for a project, do you keep the recognition all for yourself? Or do you pass along the credit – and thanks – to the sub-contractors, employees and suppliers that make the thank you possible in the first place?

Everyone in the construction industry can agree that the #1 way of getting new business is from repeat customers and referrals. Build strong business relationships and distinguish your construction company from all the others out there (i.e. your competitors) by saying thank you when it’s appropriate.

It will make a difference … and someone’s day.

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2 thoughts on “Two Words that Build Strong Business Relationships”

  1. Great points Tess! I used to keep a box of Thank You cards in my vehicle and after an estimate I’d fill one out and drop it in the mail immediately. I always got great feedback from those!

    1. That’s a really smart idea! A realtor friend of mine does something similar. She always has her thank you notes in her car, so if she gets stuck between appointments or is picking up her kids from practice, she can fill a few out. It really does help solidify a relationship – especially one that’s so new.

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