3 No-Fail Strategies for Crafting Must-Read Headlines

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Headlines are a deal breaker. If they are too boring, you are never going to get your article (or newsletter, email or blog post) read. However, if they are too over-the-top and full of hype, you may draw readers who are curious, but you also risk losing your conservative base, too.

Here are three no-fail strategies for headlines that work.

The How-to Headline: This is a classic headline example that is used as the start of over 7,000 books, countless magazines and blog articles.


“How to Win Friends and Influence People”

“How to Increase Your Profits by 7%”


The Number Headline:  This headline gives the reason why your reader should take the time to read.


“10 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Selecting a Remodeler … and How to Avoid Them”

“5 Ways to Cut Your Utility Bills for Immediate Results”


The Benefit Headline: This type of headline forms an instant connection to the reader because of the benefit included. Caution should be taken, though, since this is a headline that is often used in advertising, so if you are using in a newsletter or other non-promotional material, be careful not to make your headline too sales-y.


“With Only 30-Minutes a Day, You Can Create a Profit-Boosting Blog”

“15 Minutes Could Save You 15% or More on Car Insurance”


One final bonus tip: Often when writing an article, the most difficult part is the headline. Don’t be afraid to play with it over a few days until you get it just right.


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