Where’s Your Social Media Presence?

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John Chow made this comment on his blog, John Chow dot Com, earlier this year, and when I stumbled upon it, it hit home:

“It’s no secret that the future of the Internet is social media and videos. Millions of people watch videos on YouTube everyday. It’s the world’s second biggest search engine. 3.5 billion pieces of content are shared each week on Facebook and over 27.3 million tweets are shared every day. If you’re not part of this wave, you’re going to be sweep away by it.”

Contractors: Where is your social media presence? Do you have a Facebook page for your business (a page, not a profile – there is a difference!)? Do you tweet? Are you connecting with others on LinkedIn? Do you make videos and post them on YouTube and/or do you post your project pictures on Flickr? Do you have a blog, and if so, do you post regularly?

Or is it all a bit overwhelming?

I understand that you are crunched for time and social media time consuming to manage, but as the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” … and your social media presence won’t be built overnight, either. It takes time – months and sometimes even years, but you need to start … now.

If you aren’t completely convinced, take a look at some of these articles:

Social Media Brings Builders Closer to Customers

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And my favorite: 10 Ways For Builders to Improve Their Online Marketing Efforts

Above all else, remember that your website is the core – your foundation – of your online marketing efforts, so your content needs to connect with buyers and inspire them to take action. Gone are the days of designing a static website (i.e. your online business card) and forgetting about it. Now, websites need to be updated regularly so you can interact with visitors and nurture those relationships.

For builders, this could equate to promoting various homes that are available or “coming soon.” For remodelers, you can post photos and descriptions (aka stories) of that project. Publish a blog that covers your homes, your communities, and other news and information that might be interesting or relevant to past customers or prospects.

[Whether you are a home builder or not and you are struggling with social media and where to start, I highly recommend you read Social Media for Home Builders 2.0: It’s Easier Than You Think, by Carol M. Flammer, MIRM, CAPS, CSP. It is available for purchase at BuilderBooks.com.]

In one easy step, you can have powerful, customized articles in your hands to keep your newsletter (and/or blog) full of valuable content for weeks … or months! Want to find out more? Just click here …

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