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I received this question from one of my clients over the weekend:

Tess: Are we allowed to send our email newsletter out to our LinkedIn connections?

I thought that if he was curious as to how best to use LinkedIn to grow his reach, you may be too … so here’s the answer I gave him.

It isn’t always about “allowed” it is sometimes about best practices … and how you’d like to be treated. Would you be okay with receiving unsolicited email from someone you are vaguely acquainted with from LinkedIn?

Here are three options I’d recommend:

1. You can selectively pick some emails from your LinkedIn connections that you feel would be okay with receiving your newsletter and add them to your list. These would include those that you’ve done business with in the past or are in discussions over future opportunities.

2. You can use the “archive” email link that is provided for each newsletter (through Constant Contact) and put the link into your status update. That way, if people want to view the newsletter, they can.

3. Use the newsletter material and create a blog post and put the blog link as your status update in LinkedIn (this is my preferred recommendation). Again, if people want to read it, they can go to the link. And as a bonus, you are driving traffic to your website.

Admittedly, I am not an expert on LinkedIn, but I do quickly disconnect from anyone who is “pushing” their products/services over groups … or worse, those who I vaguely know who have used LinkedIn to swipe my email address and thrown it on their distribution list without asking me. For me, it’s about being polite and respectful of others … not what’s “allowed.”

What do you think? Do you agree with my answer?


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