Good Copywriting Finds The Pain

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If you are in sales, you’ve understand that selling isn’t just about a customer’s needs. The art of selling is about getting past talking about features – and digging into the heart of WHY a customer wants what he wants.

For example, Mr. Beckham walks into a car dealership and says he needs a vehicle. But it’s what he WANTS from his vehicle that is the key. If you try to sell him on the features alone, you’ll lose the sale. You’ve got to figure out what is motivating him to buy. Does he want a flashy car to make him look cool and trendy as he waits for his wife, Victoria, to shop on Rodeo Drive or does he want a vehicle that he feels can protect his family from the paparazzi?

Just like in sales, good marketing copy goes beyond writing about features alone and identifies the pain points.

As a builder, think about that for a second. On your website (and in some of your marketing materials), you probably provide an extensive list of features you build into every home. I can guarantee that much of the same features are list with your competitor, too. You both build to Code; you both build “energy efficient” and “quality” homes and you both offer a warranty. Sure, some of the baseline features you include in your homes may be “optional” with your competitor, but for the most part, your lists are going to be the same.

So why should a customer build a house with you instead of the other guy?

Have you identified your ideal customer?* Good. Now that you know who your target customer is, what are their pain points? What keeps them up at night? What are their frustrations? What do they want to get out of life? And how can the home you build get them to where they want to be, easy their mind and make their life easier and more enjoyable?

Effective Pain Point:

  • Feeling fear or worry
  • Losing money or an opportunity
  • Running out of time
  • Feeling physical pain or discomfort
  • Avoiding stress, problems or criticism

The next time you are pulling together marketing materials, consider digging deeper by identifying a few pain points that will trigger your ideal customer to act.

*Note: Any successful marketing campaign is going to take the time to identify the target profile of the individual for which the copy is intended.


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