Lose Focus; Lose the Game

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Every Monday I will provide a little marketing nudge – a “spark” – to get you geared up and thinking about your marketing for the week.

How many of you watched the NFL play-off games over the weekend? Ya, me too.

For those of you who watched the Ravens v. Steelers game, how many of you thought that the game was a blow-out as the teams went into the locker rooms at half-time? The score was pretty telling – Ravens 21, Steelers 7. Considering that these rivalry teams usually fight each other tooth-n-nail, the way the Joe Flacco was moving the ball effortlessly against the Steel-curtain made the game appear to be a blow out.

But that, as they say, is why there are four quarters to the game.

I heard one commentator say the next day, “Joe Flacco lost focus. You lose focus; you lose the game.”

Think about that statement as you move into the third full week of January 2011.

For many, resolutions are already broken; the gyms are less crowded and Weight Watchers has their membership fees but people have lost their motivation.  Don’t let this be the case in your business.

If you resolved to get that newsletter written, blog more often or make more contacts with your prospects to move projects along, now is not the time to give up the efforts and lose focus. All of these efforts TAKE TIME to reap results, and just like in football, rarely does a Hail Mary pass actually work. Make your choice to stay focused on being more visible and becoming a trusted resource, and if you do so, I can guarantee that by December, your company be sitting much better than it was in January.

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