Stories Sell the Heart

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3718969147_1580818a85By now, you’ve figured out that people make purchases on emotion first – not necessarily on logic. The emotion pulls them into the buying equation, and from there, they use the solid facts and figures behind the product and/or service as reassurance that the purchase is a good idea.

For example, let’s look at swimming pools. Why do people purchase pools? They purchase for a whole host of emotional reasons – they picture themselves hosting barbeques with friends and relatives; they plan to take more “stay-cations” as a family; they want to relax after a long-day’s work; they see their slim body and muscular arms from the exercise they’ll get from a morning swim. Whatever the reason, the “want” stems from emotion. From there, the prospects use facts and figures to justify their want.

This is where customer stories come into play. People can relate to others who have gone before them. This is why customer stories are so valuable in the marketing mix.

Think about it: It is early January and how many Jenny Craig and Weight Watcher advertisements are you seeing right now? A ton! And they all have celebrities telling their true story of how their chosen weight loss program helped them gain their life – and waistline – back. Those stories are much more powerful than providing consumers with facts and figures. It’s entertaining, attention-getting – and most importantly, real.

As you move into 2011, identify which customers are happy with your product and/or service and ask them if they’d take part in a customer story for you. Often times, these customers are THRILLED to tell their story … and you just got yourself one influential marketing piece.

Photo Credit: the other Martin Taylor

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