What’s Your Voice?

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People assume that as a writer 1) I never suffer from writers block, 2) I always have something to say, and 3) my voice comes easily to me.

Well, one out of three isn’t bad. In fact, I often suffer from seemingly insurmountable writer’s block which bleeds into #2 of not knowing what to say or where to begin. But I have to admit my “voice” comes easily to me and is always there. (As an aside, my husband would argue that I ALWAYS have something to say!)

In fact, I love giving visions a voice … so much so that it became my tagline. Giving Your Visions A Voice.

So how do you find your voice?

To find your voice, you first need to understand what it means to have a voice. A voice is an image of your business. It is the tone you use to communicate with your customers, and often times, the voice alters depending on who your audience is and what you are writing – newsletter, article, book, white paper, or case study.

For instance, I tend to use a conversational tone in my e-newsletter, Jottings. This is the same voice I’d use if I saw you at a conference or bumped into you at a Hershey Bears game. It is friendly and often reveals a bit about my personal side (like the comment above where I mention the Hershey Bears).

I am comfortable with conversational voice, but the downside is that it can be perceived as too casual. Because it is conversationally and not direct, sometimes the message gets glanced over. The conversational voice certainly doesn’t hit someone over the head, so a call to action or other important point needs to stand out.

One of my clients mentioned that she has tried the conversational voice in her e-newsletter, but it just doesn’t sit right with her. And that’s perfectly acceptable. What works for one, doesn’t work for all. The biggest rule you need to remember: you need to be comfortable with your voice.

Tess Wittler • Giving Your Visions A Voice.

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